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7 Most Manipulative Zodiac Signs Ranking


Ranked: The most manipulative zodiac signs

Of course, it is extremely difficult to deal with a manipulative person. Also, if a person is a friend or family member, understanding them becomes more difficult. Because at first, people like this will act like the best friend you will ever have, but little by little they will benefit from your trust and faith. Therefore, it is very important to get to know these people and stay away from them. Following zodiac signs are very manipulative.
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Here's a look at the 7 most manipulative zodiac signs.


Gemini people are the party life and are known to be very thoughtful. But they are also very indecisive. This prompts them to change their manipulative side by blaming others in response to their regret.


Scorpios have outstanding leadership quality, a persuasive personality, and great attention to detail. This combination makes them great manipulators. If they find a reason to blame you, they do so with great conviction and ultimately you will keep wondering what you did wrong in the first place.


Since they are very emotional people like Cancer, they tend to become victims of their emotions and change from case to case. As a result, cancer generally requires tolerance and understanding from those around them, but they sometimes seem to take these traits for granted.


While Libra main concern is harmony, they will say or do exactly what people want to hear or see for the benefit of all. Their problem is that they do not like to choose between the two sides and therefore they will play safe without getting involved at all. They are not afraid to lie if it means avoiding confrontation.


Pisces are usually very selfless people. However, although they are willing to help people selflessly most of the time, they are also human, and no human being can be selfless all the time. So sometimes they end up playing the "good boy" card to manipulate you to their advantage.


A Leo is passionate and loves to take charge of all situations related to him. No one can control all social situations without manipulation. But the great thing about Leo is that they are also honest when it comes to owning what they did.


As one of the most intelligent signs of the zodiac, Virgo knows exactly how to outperform others, especially their competitors. Their perfectionist attitude can sometimes extend to manipulation. They will plan a whole scenario step by step to put you in the worst possible situation, without you even seeing it coming.

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