Holidays 2024

Hindu Holidays 2024

The StarzSpeak Hindu Holidays 2024 article will provide you with accurate details on Hindu holidays and festivals in the year 2024. In the Hindu religion, all the fasts & festivals have specific importance and are celebrated with great devotion. We aim to provide you with the right details about the dates of all the upcoming festivals in 2024 so that you can prepare for the holidays in advance. Let us move forward and know about the major Hindu festivals included in the list of Hindu holidays 2024.


List of Hindu Holidays 2024

Hindu Holidays 2024: January


Hindu Holidays/Festivals

7 January, Sunday

Saphala Ekadashi

9 January, Tuesday

Monthly Shivratri, Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)

11 January, Thursday

Paush Amavasya

15 January, Monday

Pongal, Uttarayan, Makar Sankranti

21 January, Sunday

Posh Putrada Ekadashi

23 January, Tuesday

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)

25 January, Thursday

Paush Purnima Fast

29 January, Monday

Sankashti Chaturthi

Hindu Holidays 2024: February


Hindu Holidays/Festivals

6 February, Tuesday

Shattila Ekadashi

7 February, Wednesday

Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)

8 February, Thursday

Monthly Shivratri

9 February, Friday

Magha Amavasya

13 February, Tuesday

Kumbha Sankranti

14 February, Wednesday

Basant, Panchami, Saraswati Puja

20 February, Tuesday

Jaya Ekadashi

21 February, Wednesday

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)

24 February, Saturday

Magha Purnima Fast

28 February, Wednesday

Sankashti Chaturthi

Hindu Holidays 2024: March


Hindu Holidays/Festivals

6 March, Wednesday

Vijaya Ekadashi

8 March, Friday

Mahashivratri, Pradosh Vrat (Krishna), Monthly Shivratri

10 March, Sunday

Falgun Amavasya

14 March, Thursday

Meen Sankranti

20 March, Wednesday

Amalika Ekadashi

22 March, Friday

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)

24 March, Sunday

Holika Dahan

25 March, Monday

Holi, Falgun Purnima Fast

28 March, Thursday

Sankashti Chaturthi

Hindu Holidays 2024: April


Hindu Holidays/Festivals

5 April, Friday

Papmochini Ekadashi

6 April, Saturday

Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)

7 April, Sunday

Monthly Shivratri

8 April, Monday

Chaitra Amavasya

9 April, Tuesday

Chaitra Navratri, Ugadi, Ghatasthapana, Gudi Padwa

10 April, Wednesday

Cheti Chand

13 April, Saturday

Mesh Sankranti

17 April, Wednesday

Ram Navami

19 April, Friday

Kamada Ekadashi

21 April, Sunday

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)

23 April, Tuesday

Hanuman Jayanti, Chaitra Purnima Fast

27 April, Saturday

Sankashti Chaturthi

Hindu Holidays 2024: May


Hindu Holidays/Festivals

4 May, Saturday

Varuthini Ekadashi

5 May, Sunday

Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)

6 May, Monday

Monthly Shivratri

8 May, Wednesday

Vaishakh Amavasya

10 May, Friday

Akshaya Tritiya

14 May, Tuesday

Vrishabha Sankranti

19 May, Sunday

Mohini Ekadashi

20 May, Monday

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)

23 May, Thursday

Vaishakh Purnima Fast

26 May, Sunday

Sankashti Chaturthi

Hindu Holidays 2024: June


Hindu Holidays/Festivals

2 June, Sunday

Apara Ekadashi

4 June, Tuesday

Monthly Shivratri, Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)

6 June, Thursday

Jyestha Amavasya

15 June, Saturday

Mithun Sankranti

18 June, Tuesday

Nirjala Ekadashi

19 June, Wednesday

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)

22 June, Saturday

Jyestha Purnima Fast

25 June, Tuesday

Sankashti Chaturthi

Hindu Holidays 2024: July


Hindu Holidays/Festivals

2 July, Tuesday

Yogini Ekadashi

3 July, Wednesday

Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)

4 July, Thursday

Monthly Shivratri

5 July, Friday

Ashada Amavasya

7 July, Sunday

Jagannath Rath Yatra

16 July, Tuesday

Kark Sankranti

17 July, Wednesday

Devshayani Ekadashi, Ashadi Ekadashi

18 July, Thursday

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)

21 July, Sunday

Guru Purnima, Ashada Purnima Fast

24 July, Wednesday

Sankashti Chaturthi

31 July, Wednesday

Kamika Ekadashi

Hindu Holidays 2024: August


Hindu Holidays/Festivals

1 August, Thursday

Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)

2 August, Friday

Monthly Shivratri

4 August, Sunday

Shravan Amavasya

7 August, Wednesday

Hariyali Teej

9 August, Friday

Nag Panchami

16 August, Friday

Shravan Putrada Ekadashi, Singh Sankranti

17 August, Saturday

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)

19 August, Monday

Rakshabandhan, Shravan Purnima Fast

22 August, Thursday

Sankashti Chaturthi, Kajari Teej

26 August, Monday


29 August, Thursday

Aja Ekadashi

31 August, Saturday

Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)

Hindu Holidays 2024: September 


Hindu Holidays/Festivals

1 September, Sunday

Monthly Shivratri

2 September, Monday

Bhadrapada Amavasya

6 September, Friday

Hartalika Teej

7 September, Saturday

Ganesh Chaturthi

14 September, Saturday

Parivartini Ekadashi

15 September, Sunday

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla), Onam/Thiruvonam

16 September, Monday

Kanya Sankranti

17 September, Tuesday

Anant Chaturthi

18 September, Wednesday

Bhadrapada Purnima Fast

21 September, Saturday

Sankashti Chaturthi

28 September, Saturday

Indira Ekadashi

29 September, Sunday

Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)

30 September, Monday

Monthly Shivratri

Hindu Holidays 2024: October


Hindu Holidays/Festivals

2 October, Wednesday

Ashwin Amavasya

3 October, Thursday

Sharad Navratri, Ghatasthapana

9 October, Wednesday


10 October, Thursday

Navpatrika Pooja

11 October, Friday

Durga Maha Asthami Puja, Durga Maha Navami Puja

12 October, Saturday

Dussehra, Sharad Navratri Paran

13 October, Sunday

Durga Visarjan

14 October, Monday

Papankusha Ekadashi

15 October, Tuesday

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)

17 October, Thursday

Ashwin Purnima Fast, Tula Sankranti

20 October, Sunday

Sankashti Chaturthi, Karva Chauth

28 October, Monday

Rama Ekadashi

29 October, Tuesday

Dhanteras, Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)

30 October, Wednesday

Monthly Shivratri

31 October, Thursday

Narak Chaturdashi

Hindu Holidays 2024: November


Hindu Holidays/Festivals

1 November, Friday

Diwali, Kartik Amavasya

2 November, Saturday

Govardhan Puja

3 November, Sunday

Bhai Dooj

7 November, Thursday

Chhath Puja

12 November, Tuesday

Devutthan Ekadashi

13 November, Wednesday

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)

15 November, Friday

Kartik Purnima Fast

16 November, Saturday

Vrischika Sankranti

18 November, Monday

Sankashti Chaturthi

26 November, Tuesday

Utpanna Ekadashi

28 November, Thursday

Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)

29 November, Friday

Monthly Shivratri

Hindu Holidays 2024: December 


Hindu Holidays/Festivals

1 December, Sunday

Margashirsha Amavasya

11 December, Wednesday

Mokshada Ekadashi

13 December, Friday

Pradosh Vrat (Shukla)

15 December, Sunday

Dhanu Sankranti, Margashirsha Purnima Fast

18 December, Wednesday

Sankashti Chaturthi

26 December, Thursday

Saphala Ekadashi

28 December, Saturday

Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)

29 December, Sunday

Monthly Shivratri

30 December, Monday

Paush Amavasya

The list of holidays and festivals mentioned above is celebrated across India with full enthusiasm & prominence. Some of them are celebrated differently in different parts of the country. Let us know that in detail and also understand the importance of the history of Hinduism.

Hindu Holidays 2024: The Importance and History of Hinduism

As we talk about the history of the earth, it is described in five Kalpas as follows: Hiranya, Brahma, Padma, and Varaha. To date, four Kalpas have passed till now, and the last one is in running. You might know about Kalpa and let us provide some of the vital details. The Kalpa time is considered to be calculated before the last unit, similar to rupees as counted in thousands, lakhs, crores, and others. People believe that the Hindu religion was created by sages and Hinduism is considered the third largest religion in terms of followers across the globe and more than 100 crores of people follow the religion. The followers refer to it as Sanatana Dharma and are considered to be one of the oldest religions in the world.

Importance Of Major Fasts and Festivals In Hindu Religion

Makar Sankranti

In astrology, the Sun's transit from one zodiac to another is referred to as Sankranti. The Sun enters Capricorn on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. As per astrology, Kharmas end on Makar Sankranti and the hurdles on auspicious tasks like marriage are removed. The occasion is celebrated across the country in forms like a festive occasion. The festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated each year on 14 January across North India. The belief is that the door of the heavens opens up on this day, thus there is specific significance to charity and bathing in the holy river on this day. On Makar Sankranti day, pure ghee and blankets need to be donated to poor people. It is the way to attain salvation.


In the Hindu religion, there is special importance of Shivratri. On this day, the Shiva devotees visit the temple and perform the ritual of Jalabhishek on Lord Shiva. It has been mentioned in Shiv Puran that the devotees fast on the Mahashivratri day and worship Lord Bholenath as per specific rules & regulations. It is believed that Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati got married on this auspicious occasion. The festival is celebrated each year as their marriage anniversary. Shiva devotees celebrate the occasion as the festival of the union of Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvati with great enthusiasm across India. The Mahashivratri fast is also considered very effective for single people. It is believed that fasting on the Shivratri day will deliver desired results to unmarried girls.


In Sanatan Dharma, there is special importance for the Holi festival. The day marks the victory of good over evil. As per Hindu Calendar, the Holi festival is celebrated in the Phalgun month. One day before Holi, Holika Dahan is done and after it, Holi is played in which people apply colors on each other. There is a tradition of singing Fagua songs on this day. People forget their differences in the festival and unite for the occasion. Across the country, the festival is referred to by different names like Dol Purnima, Rangwali Holi, Dhulandi, Dhuleti, Manjal Kuli, Ukuli, Phagwa, Signo, and others.

Ganesh Chaturthi

The Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations are done on the Chaturthi date of Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month. The belief is that Lord Ganesha was born on that day. Ganesh Chaturthi occurs every month, but there is the special significance of the Chaturthi date of Shukla Paksha in the Bhadrapada month. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for 10 days and people install the Ganapati idol in their house on this day. Then people worship the lord following specific rituals for the entire 10 days and then on the tenth day, i.e. Chaturdashi Ganesh Ji is immersed in water. The festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm across states like Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and other parts of south & southern India.


Dussehra is one of the major festivals in the Hindu religion. Dussehra or Vijayadashmi marks the celebration of Lord Rama's victory over evil. In North India, the holy festival is referred to as Dussehra and in West Bengal, it is known as Vijayadashami. In Hindu religion, the festival is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil and the belief that on the day Lord Rama killed Lankapati Ravana. Other than that, the legend lies that Dussehra is celebrated on the Dashami and it is believed that Maa Durga killed a demon named Mahishasura on this day. Grand Ramlila is organized on the day at different places and the Ravana effigies are burnt. As per the Panchang, the Dussehra festival is celebrated each year on the tenth day of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. The festival will be held in 2024 on 12 October and large-size effigies are burnt in different parts of the country.


The festival of Diwali is celebrated with full enthusiasm across India. People wait for the festival each year very eagerly and celebrate on the new moon day of Karthik month. There is the ritual of worshiping Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi on the day and also people light lamps in their homes & temples. The festival is celebrated in the joy of Lord Rama's victory over Lankapati Ravana and celebrating the return of Lord Rama after the exile of 14 days. The belief is that people lit lamps to welcome Lord Rama as he returned to Ayodhya with Goddess Sita & Lakshmana. These lamps at homes mark the celebrations of Diwali and are celebrated with full enthusiasm across the countries of the world. In West Bengal, the festival starts 15 days in advance and the celebrations are done with full pomp in places like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, and Haryana.

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