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Best Ayurvedic Herbs Based on your Zodiac Sign


Ayurvedic herbs or alternative medicine are the best complementary medicine used by human beings since the ages. Since the inception of civilizations, the several health alignments are corresponding to different zodiac signs are discovered and simultaneously the helpful herbs corresponding to different zodiac signs are also discovered. The use of herbs is even described in Vedas too. The discovery of ailments led to finding herbs that can help alleviate some of the symptoms. That’s right, herbs for your astrological sign! There are a few studies that explain the benefits of herbal remedies. I am not medical personnel so please do not consider these herbs as medically prescribed herbs. Allergic individuals need to be cautious while using these herbs. Try these herbs when you face health alignments corresponding to your zodiac signs and experience positive results in your life and enjoy the improved health benefits.


Aries is the first astrological sign. The individuals who are born between (March-21-April 19) are Aries. They are very bold and always wants to conquer first position in their life. This cardinal fire sign uses “headfirst” as its mantra. The core trait of their personality is that they are dynamic and very loving people. The health alignments corresponding to this zodiac sign are stress, depression, and stroke.

Helpful Herbs For Aries







This is the second astrological sign have a bull as its symbol. This fixed earth sign is one of the more practical signs of the zodiac. The core personality traits of Taurus is they are very hard working, reliable and patient individuals. They love surrounded by their loved ones. The common health alignments corresponding to this zodiac sign are colds, sore throats, earaches, and under-active thyroid

Helpful Herbs for Taurus




Marsh Mallow



Individuals born between (May 22-June-21) are Gemini. This is the third zodiac sign symbolizes with twins sign. This is air sign. They are very adaptable to any atmosphere. The core trait of the Gemini is creativity and gentle. The personality of the individuals born under this zodiac sign have two sides. One side they are very social, they enjoy long lists of friends and enough social networking on the other hand they are very thoughtful when lonely. They are core believer of their inner strength, they think that they can be at two places in same times and due to this trait they often carries more projects at a time. The common health alignment corresponding to this zodiac sign are colds, anxiety, and insomnia.

Helpful herbs for Gemini







Cancer or the crab is the fourth astrological sign. Cancerians are born between (June-22-july23). Cancer is a cardinal water sign and they guard their emotional space very fiercely. Due to this personality trait they are little bit mysterious and sometimes very difficult to understand in certain circumstances. But once you have a close bonding, they are amazing friends. The core personality traits of this zodiac sign is they are loyal and empathetic. The common health alignments corresponding to this zodiac signs are depression, obesity, and digestive trouble.

Helpful Herbs for Cancer



Lemon Balm




Leos are the ruler of celestial bodies and they are born between (July-23-August-22). They are always on a spotlight and illuminated due to their fixed fire sign. They are very attractive, having a group of loving friends. They are very self-confident and focused individuals particularly in case of goal achievement. They are very passionate and energetic. The common health alignments corresponding to these zodiac signs are High blood pressure, blocked arteries, and heart issues.

Helpful Herbs for Leo

Lemon Balm






This is the sixth astrological sign and assigned to those who are born between (August-23-September 24). It is a mutable earth sign. They can be called as perfectionist as they always analyze the situations and even sometimes wants a reason behind several emotional expressions too. They tend to be highly analytical and have a logical approach to their daily life too. They always work for improvement. They are very keen observer but then also common health alignments confronted by them are ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, and weight fluctuations.

Helpful Herbs For Virgo







Individuals born between (September 23-October23) belongs to this seventh astrological sign. They love full balanced life as they are cardinal air sign. They enjoy harmony but love to alone at times and not enjoy the social life. They are combative and loves peace. A great deal of mental stimulation relaxed them as they are keen minded. The common health complaints corresponding to this zodiac sign are digestive trouble (diarrhea/constipation) and managing hydration.

Helpful Herbs for Libra




cascara sagrada



The eighth astrological sign symbolized with Scorpio itself are for those individuals who are born between (October-23-November-21). Scorpio is the fiery fixed water sign of the zodiac family. The core trait of this zodiac sign is passion and leadership. They love to express their emotions. This sign sometimes misunderstood due to their characteristics. The common health complains are urinary tract infection, cystitis, and thrush.

Helpful Herbs for Scorpio


Uva ursa





These individuals are born between (November-22-December-21). This is the last fire sign. The individuals are knowledge seekers. They love to travel and enjoy the connection with the parts of world. They attract people with their great sense of humor, they are very adventurous too. Curiosity is the core personality trait of Sagittarius. They thrive most when they feel an unyielding sense of freedom. The common health complains by Sagittarius are Rheumatism, sciatic troubles, and poor vision.

Helpful Herbs For Sagittarius



Passion flower


Willow bark


The cardinal Capricorn is the last fire sign. The individuals are born between (December-22-Jnauary-19). The self-discipline is the core trait of personality and so they are able to maintain a perfect balance between personal and professional life. They are family lovers and often love to spend quality time with their loved ones. Common health complaints by Capricorns are anxiety, skin allergies, and bone trouble.

Helpful Herbs for Capricorn

Red clover


Evening primrose

Winter’s bark

Gotu Kola


This is the eleventh astrological sign. The name “Aquarius” does include “water” in its name, but is the last of the air signs. They are very deep thinkers. They are great helpers to those who need them and they carry a different perception of world view. They are highly intelligent people and at the same time they adapt themselves very well in social environments. They love to be independent. The common health problems corresponding to this zodiac sign are Weak joints and poor circulation.

Helpful Herbs for Aquarius


Butcher’s broom


Horse chestnut.


This is the last astrological sign and assigned to those who are born between (Feb-19-Mrach-20). Pisces alternate between dreams and reality unlike the other signs. They are learner from experiences. They are very selfless and the core trait of their personality is helping others. The common health problems confronted by them are mental health issues, nervous system issues, and anxiety.

Helpful Herbs for Pisces



Holy basil

Lemon balm


The medicinal herbs are recommended only for your help. Please don’t get confused that you may have health problems corresponding to your zodiac sign, just be happy, think positive and if you have common health complains do enjoy the benefits of the above-suggested herbs corresponding to your zodiac signs and live longer and healthier too.