Did you know that the shape of your nose says a lot about your personality?

Did you know that the shape of your nose says a lot about your personality?

By: Sonu Sharma


Hooked Nose - If your nose bent downwards in the end making it look like a bird’s beak, then you are very determined, dilplomatic, intelligent and have strong opinions. You are not afraid of taking risks in life.


Pointed Nose – If your nose is straight and pointed, then you are very loyal, hardworking and practical. You are a very loyal and trustworthy people.


Rounded Nose – If your nose is rounded, then you are very straightforward and candid. You are very positive, observant and good listen.


High Nose Bridge – If you have a high nose bridge or bump on the top of your nose is pointing upwards, then it depicts that you are very independent and you like to control things.


Low Bridge Nose – If you have a low nose bridge i.e. if the bridge of your nose is pointing downwards or is below the pupils, this showcases that you are not focused and you do not succeed in any of the activities.



Round Face shape people, also known as water-shaped faced people are very flexible and adaptable.  You are known to be intelligent, diplomatic, smart, caring and have very strong business sense. You are the perfect choice for long-term relationship.

Long Face Shape people are very hot-tempered and fiery. You are extrovert, sociable, fun loving and are very determined to achieve your goal and thus achieve success in life.

Square Face Shape people, also known as metal- shaped faced people are very intelligent, strong willed, well balanced and have fighting spirit. You are born leaders, dominating in nature and remain cool in tensed situations.

Heart Face Shape people, are very intelligent and hardworking. You are deep thinkers, think logically and strategically and are best suited in politics, business and sports.

Oval Face Shape people – This is one of the most comman face shape. You are very sweet and charming and have the ability to hide your emotions and feelings even in tensed situations.