Homeopathy medicines for a throat cough

By: Bhavya

Homeopathy is a science which stimulates the self-healing mechanisms in the body and treat the diseases. Homeopathic medicines are most effective when they are prescribed for the unique syndrome of symptoms the sick person has, not just the name of the disease s/he has.

When winter seasons knocks at our door. They are often characterized by throat cough and cold. The homeopathic medicines are often recommended for such seasonal problems. They are very effective and doesn’t have much side effects in our body. Today we will consider the throat cough problems in winter and its homeopathic remedies.

Common symptoms of Throat Cough :



#Dryness of Throat

#feeling thirsty

#Running nose



#Body ache

Homeopathic Remedies For Throat Cough

#ACONITUM-This remedy is very commonly given for the initial stages of croup, bronchitis, pleurisy, and pneumonia. It is commonly seen that in winters people do wake up from sleep due to throat cough. Because of throat cough they feel dryness in throat , hoarse and often it the situation being more visible during night.

#Bryonia-This homeopathic remedy for throat cough is very helpful for intense thirst and dry throat. When cold is at its intial phase with visible symptoms of running nose then the dosage of Bryonia is recommended. The patient may feel some tickling in the larynx which irritates the cough. Sometimes nausea and vomiting or a headache accompany the cough.

#Drosera- This homeopathic remedy gives relief from continuous, dry and barking Throat Cough. During a barking cough the patients may a develop a deep hoarse voice. This remedy relieves a dry cough.

#Phosphorus-This Homeopathic remedy for throat cough is recommended when a person experiences hoarseness and a tickly cough that hurts the throat, or a cold that travels quickly to the chest. This remedy is often used for loss of the voice and laryngitis. The tightness in their chest is relieved by the warmth of a bed. They crave ice drinks. Their illness exhausts them, and they sometimes have an empty, all-gone feeling or burning in the chest.

#Arsenic Album-This homeopathic medicine for throat cough is recommended when an individual have dry cough. After having cold drinks or ice creams in winters we generally have dry throat cough. But after the dosages, the individuals are restricted not to eat curd, bananas etc.

#Antimonium Tart-This homeopathic remedy for throat cough is recommended when an individual suffers from a congestion cough. A congestion Cough is marked by the symptom when there is lot of mucus in the chest and it is not coming out. The dosages of Antimonium Tart is very helpful.

#Belladonna-This homeopathic remedy for throat cough is suggested when an individual suffers from  dry cough with laryngitis. A cough that comes on suddenly, often with the feeling of a speck or tickle in the throat, is a strong indication for this remedy.

#Chamomilla-This homeopathic remedy for throat cough is suggested when dry, hard, irritating cough that starts after being exposed to wind, or after being overexcited and angry. The cough is often worse around nine in the evening and may continue into the night.

#Pulsatilla-This homeopathic remedy for throat cough relieved from the individual with wet cough with thick, yellowish phlegm, aggravated in bed.

#Rumex crispus- This homeopathic remedy for throat cough relieves dry cough triggered by breathing cold air. The most distinctive characteristic of an individual who need this remedy is that their cough is extremely sensitive to cold air. They have a dry cough and usually become hoarse.

#Spongia- This homeopathic remedy for throat cough is recommended as a primary medicine for dry, barking, croupy cough. Warm food or drinks, even in small doses, provide some relief, as does sitting up and leaning forward. This remedy is considered a second stage croup remedy, after Aconitum and before Hepar and Kali bit.

#Kali sulphuric

This homeopathic remedy for throat cough is recommended for wet cough and nasal congestion with yellow and irritating phlegm. Symptoms are worsened in a warm room.

#Hepar sulfur

This homeopathic remedy for throat cough is advisable when an individual suffers from barking, croupy cough, especially when it is exacerbated by exposure to cold. There may be much coughing up of mucus or rattling of the chest without the ability to cough the mucus out.

Most of the homeopathic medicine are recommended due to its best results but sometime if an individual suffers from a persistent cough and dry throat . Do not ignore such acute symptoms and kindly contact your family physicians for suggestions regarding the symptoms which are visible in an individual.