January 1, 2018 Blog

Zodiac Signs and Health Precautions


Aries- They seldom fall victims to chronic diseases. What Aries usually face are susceptible to raging fevers, fulminating infections, high blood pressure but their optimistic attitude helps them to overcome all problems

Taurus- It’s hard for Taurus to lie on bed, their stubbornness to not follow doctor’s orders also cause illness. Their sensitive areas which are prone to accidents and infections are throat, neck, ankles and the back. They usually get ill because of lack of exercise or over drinking/eating.

Gemini- Geminis often get ill because of exhaustion; lack of fresh air and rest leads to their restlessness and even depression.

Cancer- Over thinking and over analysing often turn a minor illness in a cancer into a chronic one. Their vulnerable areas are the chest, knees, kidney, digestive system and the skin.

Leo- Leos are prone to sudden violent illnesses. They are more prone to back or shoulder pain, spinal problems and accidents relate to legs and ankles but they also have the will to heal their own problems.

Virgo- Virgos take good care of themselves and are fussy about their diets- they do face minor issues like stomach infection, foot problems and headaches. But they are too conscious about what they eat and how it is cooked thus staying away from majority of diseases.

Libra- Libras love for order allows them to be fit. Despite all the safety measures, they face stomach disorders, foot problems, ulcers and sinus. Generally they are healthier than other zodiac signs.

Scorpios- Scorpios are seldom sick but when they are its usually serious. The cause of this sickness is usually traced to their conflict/problem. They are prone to accidents which affect their spine, nose, throat, and legs. It advised to scorpions to stay away from fire.

Sagittarius- Sensitive areas are hips, lungs, liver, arms, hands, shoulders and feet. They have the power and will to recover quickly from illnesses.

Capricorn- Fear, anxiety, uncertainty and worry often push Capricorns to ill health. They have sensitive skins and are more prone to stomach disorders, mental distress and allergies- a change of environment will help a Capricorn to recover quickly.

Aquarius- Their most health problems are that in circulatory system- weak bones, sore throats, hardening of arteries etc. They themselves are the cause of main problems.

Pisces- They assume that they live a healthy life when in reality they don’t. Slow metabolism, colds, flu and accidents are some issues which Pisceans usually face.

We hope today’s zodiac chart was useful and you will surely take care of your health by avoiding mishaps.