Zodiac Signs that will have The Toughest Time With Heartbreak this year!

Zodiac Signs that will have The Toughest Time With Heartbreak this year!

By: Sonu Sharma

Zodiac signs relate a lot to the person’s character, their personality and the way they react to situations. Every zodiac sign handles their love relationships in a different manner and also they react differently during breakups. There are few zodiac signs that could experience heartbreak this year because of the effect of their planetary positions. Here are those zodiac signs

-          Gemini – Geminis because of their dual or twin personality, often search themselves in their partner and have a lot of expectations from their partner. This year because of the effect of Saturn in their horoscope, there are favorable chances of heartbreak. However, they are best in handling breakups and can get over it very quickly if they decide to do so.

-          Libra – For Librans, 2018 will not be a good year and there will be ups and downs throughout. Even your love relationship will not be smooth and you will have a breakup. Librans are the one who feels lonely and depressed without a partner but your friends will help you to overcome it and move forward in life.

-          Scorpio – Scorpians believe in the theory of a long-term relationship and for them love is for forever. It is very difficult for them to deal with the situation of heartbreak and they end up taking reckless decisions and hurting themselves. It takes them lot of time to overcome it. They try hard not to think about their Ex and move on in life.