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Here’s how to get him to commit to being in a relationship with you


Falling in love can be a powerful feeling. You probably wait for him to call all the time and get butterflies in your stomach when he texts you. But time and space are important at the beginning of a relationship. So, if you've already talked that week, you should resist the urge to keep calling or sending multiple messages. Let him live his life while you focus on other aspects of your life. If you find this difficult, take a look at some ways to get him to naturally commit to a relationship with you.

Build an emotional bond before exploring intimacy

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It can be tempting to give up when your crush cheats on you. However, it would be wise to refrain from intimacy and work on the emotional connection which you share with your soul mate. Learn the little things about each other and care about each other's ambitions and goals. If you have a strong bond with your lover, it will help you to enjoy more intimacy when it happens later on.

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Let him chase you

Men love the process of loving someone and undertaking the conquest of their hearts. Let it be consumed by your thoughts and work to conquer your emotions. You will definitely enjoy the courtship phase as you work to make him fall in love with you.

Don't be clingy or demand commitment

Chasing him on social media or staying out of his house hoping to see him would reduce attachment. This tends to repel men. Don't even ask your mutual friends to review it. Just give him time and allow him to connect with you.

This is not something you want because you want it to be a prized prize that is ultimately won when you enter into a mutual relationship.

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