March 18, 2020 Blog

Astrology of Love, Sex and Relationships


Finding someone at the right time who matches your vibe is a great thing to go for in a longer time period. Unlocking a pleasant life with your perfect match has been a prolific approach towards love relationships. Dating new people is common nowadays and it is fun getting along with random people for a crazy day. Still, the old school love desires a perfect relationship which you can understand with the help of your zodiac sign.

Aries is a fiery zodiac who is always looking for some energy and excitement in their partner. It is not easy to cope with such a fiery sun sign still they allow the counterbalance to their partners either in love or sex. The best zodiac which couples well with Aries is Libra since they have those comforting relationships with each other.

A zodiac which understands old school love is surely Taurus. When it comes to intimacy, they have the most comforting time with the partners and there couldn’t be anything better. Virgos are the most compatible partners for a Taurus when it comes to long term relationships.

Gemini is an adventurous and moody zodiac and will surely prefer a date who balances their craziness. A power couple is what comes forth when you see a Gemini when it gets along with other zodiacs. On some days they can be flirty and unreliable yet they are a constant simulator when it comes to making love.

A sensitive and homey aura gathers all around when it goes down to the crab. Being a passive personality, they love to have partners who embrace trust and loyalty. They are the ones with passionate love inside them but are afraid to have direct confrontation and thus they go great with a Capricorn.

Leo prefers to have the limelight upon them and thus having relationships which are balanced is common among them. Their fieriness is again on the cards when it comes to getting close with their partners and hence another Leo will be a perfect match for them.

A right hand, as well as a thinking mind under every situation, is what makes Virgos stand out among all. Thus, they are the healers in the marriage and have a sound connection with the partners. Pisces are the best for this zodiac since the romance they both develop is more realistic.

A people-pleasing sensibility along with magic charm is in their personality. Libra loves to have relationships which are filled with the essence of love and while paying extra care and attention to their lover. Being creative during intimacy is a staple for them since they are credited with cultured lovers.

Matching the intensity and erotic nature of a Scorpio is not an easy task and this trait in them shines when it comes to choosing partners. They are the most passionate lovers and their dark side is evident when it comes to lovemaking. Taurus is the only zodiac which can fulfil their sexual appetite.

A blooming and adventurous zodiac that always cherishes to be along with fun lovers. Hence, the partners they like to have are explorers who love to measure every inch of the roads. But sometimes they can be the heart breakers in the bedroom due to the careless nature they possess. Leo tends to perfectly complement the love ideology of a Sagittarius.

Capricorns are mostly the ones who are career-oriented and have a great hand at tackling situations. Yet, their kinky nature is still alive inside them and it is evident while they make love to their partners. A serious mind bends them towards a traditional romantic relationship and a domestic vibe.

An aquarian clan is more of a creative thinker and ones who prefer going beyond limits. Thus, relationships which are mostly spontaneous and unconditional suit them a lot. They have a strong belief in love which is more platonic. Gemini and Libra are the ones who would appreciate a relationship expected by Aquarius.

Any Pisces is a modern thinker as well as an open-minded personality that embraces all other zodiacs. They are more favourable of an open relationship where they can explore the idea of being independent. An emotional relationship which features old romantic love is also preferred by them.   


Being open to relationships in life is a great option to have and what is better than matching your zodiac compatibility before emotionally attaching to others. Feeling a mental connection with perfect partners would surely drag you towards checking for zodiac’s love ideology next