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Buying property in India is a long and arduous process, often accompanied by Vastu considerations. Though Vastu Shastra experts say that all directions are equally good, many myths prevail about it. For example, a property facing south or west is considered less favorable by owners, while a property facing east is believed to be more advantageous for house. Sometimes people are willing to pay more for Vastu compatible housing. However, is it worth it? Let's find out.

What is the house facing east?

If you are inside the house, facing the front door, this is the direction you will face when leaving your house. If you are facing east while you are out of the house, you have an east facing house.

Are east-facing houses good?

It is probably believed that the most spacious houses in the east are blessed with more luck and luck. Another more fortunate trend is the spacious and minimalist homes of the East.

Vastu for east facing property

According to the Vastu Shastra recommendation, East facing home are believed to be good for multi-story buildings and apartments. However, for semi-detached houses and bungalows, this trend is not among the best options. Although, there are some Vastu rules, guidelines and principles to follow when it comes to Vastu for an east facing property.

Vastu to the east-facing main gate.

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If you have an east-facing home, be careful when placing the entrance to the front door. Always make sure your entrance is exactly in the center and not in the southeast or northeast, as these two corners are unlucky enough to place the front door on the east-facing property, according to vastu.

  • If your entrance is in the northeast corner, make sure the front door does not touch the northeast corner. To do this, you can leave at least 6 inches (1/2 foot) of space between the wall and the front door.
  • If you have a main entrance facing southeast, follow these remedies to invalidate the vastu dosha:
  • Place three pyramids of Vastu, one on each side of the door and the third above the main door, in the middle.
  • You can also place the symbol of Om, Swastik and Trishul on both sides of the door.
  • Install Siddha Shukran Yantra to get rid of negative energy in the house.
  • simultaneously, you can also use Siddha Vastu Kalash, to amplify the positive energy generated in this part of the corner.
East facing Vastu house plan

If you are planning to build an east facing house, it is important that you stick to a Vastu compatible house plan, to ensure that positive energy flows into the house. You can also advise an architect or planner, who can create a custom east-facing Vastu house plan according to your requirements. Here's a summary of what your home plan should look like, if you have an east-facing home:

Here are some other facts to keep in mind when planning construction:

  1. Place the main doors in the fifth house, if your house faces east. It attracts respect, fame and recognition. If the fifth is small, you can also use the third, fourth, sixth or seventh bada.
  2. Avoid wires 1, 2, 8 and 9 for the front door layout here.
  3. Things to Avoid in East-Facing Homes
  4. Not having a kitchen in the northeast corner.
  5. There should be no large trees on the north and east side of the house.
  6. There should be no clutter, dirt, litter boxes, etc., in the north and northeast corner.
  7. Avoid stairs heading northeast.
  8. The garage should not be designed in a northeast direction.
Vastu Master Bedroom for East Facing House

The master bedroom should be planned in a southwesterly direction, in east-facing homes. The master bedroom should always be larger than the rest of the rooms in the house. According to Vastu, the ideal place to keep the bed is the south or west wall of the room, so that the head is in the south or west direction and the legs in the north or east direction. The best place for a dressing room in the master bedroom is on the west or north side of the room. The bathroom should not be directly in front of the bed and the bathroom door should be closed at all times.

Vastu living room for east facing house

For an east-facing house, the living room should be placed on the northeast side, where it is considered pleasant, according to Vastu. Also, make sure the north and east side walls are slightly shorter and thinner than the south and west walls. This attracts prosperity and success in personal and professional life.

Vastu kitchen for east facing house

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For an east-facing house, Vastu Kitchen suggests that the kitchen be in the southeast direction of the house. If that's not possible, Northwest should work too. However, avoid the north, northeast, and west directions. The person cooking the meals should face east on the southeast-facing kitchen and west on the northwest-facing kitchen. Place your stove, oven, and toasters in the southeast area for positive energy. Storage and refrigerator should face southwest.

Vastu dining room for east facing house

In an east-facing home, the dining room should be continuous with the kitchen on the east, west, or south side. The dining room door should not face the front door. The seating arrangement should be such that one sits facing east, north, or west. The head of the family should take the east side and the rest of the family can sit facing the east, north or west side.

Vastu pooja room in an east facing house

According to the Vastu guidelines of the puja hall, for an east-facing house, the puja hall should face northeast. The ceiling in the pooja room should be lower than that of the other rooms. Make sure the pooja room is not adjacent to the bathroom.

Vastu study room in an east facing house

In an east-facing home, the study room should face east or west of the home, while north is the second-best direction. However, make sure the door is not directly behind the study chair. Also, the study table should have an open space in the front. You can also leave a small space between the study table and the adjacent wall, for the circulation of energy, if you have to place the table along the wall.

Vastu water tank in the house facing east.

The ideal location of the aquifer is the north - northeast. You can also choose the east and northeast direction for the location of the aquifer. The best direction for air reservoirs is southwest or west. According to Vastu, never leave any water tank in the center.

Dos and Don'ts for an East Facing Home
  1. The walls in the north and east directions should be slightly shorter and thinner than those in the south and west.
  2. The kitchen should be planned in a southeast or northwest direction.
  3. Plan your kitchen to face east (in a southeast kitchen) or west (in a northwest kitchen), while cooking.
  4. The pooja room and the living room in the northeast direction are very auspicious.
  5. You can plan the guest room in a northwest direction.
  6. A parcel of land that slopes from south to north is considered good.
  7. Do not plant tall trees in the east, where they block the valuable and positive morning sunlight.
  8. The southwest-facing master bedroom is considered the best.
  9. There should be no bedrooms, bathrooms, or septic tanks in the northeast corner.
  10. Leave more space on the east and north side of the house.
  11. A tile is suitable if the door faces east.
  12. The boundary wall should be higher on the south and west side of the parcel.
  13. Avoid buying properties that are attached to the land facing south or west.
  14. Consider a property with an attached plot of land in the north direction, where you consider yourself lucky and bring prosperity and wealth.
  15. If there are any students in the house, keep a crystal ball in the northeast.
  16. Rinse the house with mountain salt twice a week to boost energy.
Who is suitable for homes with an east view?

According to the Vastu consultant, each home is unique, as are the individuals. Not every home fits everyone. In an east-facing home, the sun is the dominant element and relates to functions that have power, strength, and elegance. The east direction also represents air, agility, creativity, concentration and protection. East-facing houses are ideal for people who are in government offices or who have businesses. Other than that, east-facing houses are good for creative professionals, such as artists, musicians, and dancers.

Wall Paint Colors for East Facing Rooms

When decorating an east-facing room, remember that you will have plenty of natural light in the morning and you may need to use artificial light later in the day as the afternoons will be relatively cooler. Before choosing a paint color for an east-facing room, try to visualize the color in natural and artificial light.

Generally, blue and green are popular choices for painting east-facing rooms. A light grayish blue can make your room look cooler, while light green and aqua tones can infuse a space with freshness.

Common Vastu defects in an east facing house

If you have difficulties getting to know each other, health problems, or strained relationships within the family, there may be some negative energy in the east direction. This may be because there are stairs, bathrooms, or kitchens to the east.

Another common Vastu flaw is the doors that face east and open outward. Also, according to Vastu, the total number of gates must not be odd and the count must not end at zero.

Much chaos in the eastern direction also brings negative energy. Homeowners should keep east-facing homes well ventilated and well ventilated.

Plants for the east facing house

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Here are some plants that can grow well in east facing homes:

  • Holy basil plant
  • lucky bamboo
  • money factory
  • neem plant
  • banana plant
  • chrysanthemum
  • plum blossoms
  • citrus plant
  • Daffodil
  • lotus
  • Cactus

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