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Nag Panchami - 13 August 2021: Worship of Snakes - Importance


Nag Panchmi is one of those important days and is observed on Shukla Paksha Panchami during the month of Shravan. This year it will be celebrated today, August 13. On this day, snakes are worshiped as a people throughout India. Devotees find a connection between the snakes and Lord Shiva, and then they pray to the Lord to protect them from the snakes. According to the Hindu calendar, on the fifth day of Shukal Paksh, Nag Panchami is observed, that is, in the month of Sawan, during the  lunar period .

nag panchami

Devotees of Lord Shiva offer milk in temples, prepare kheer at home, and fast on this day to honor the snakes that had an inseparable relationship with the Lord while he wears them around his neck and body as an ornament.

Being a yogi, Lord Shiva resided in the jungles and the Himalayas, so snakes are part of Lord Shiva's aura. Other deities in Hindu mythology are also associated with snakes such as Lord Brahma who created Shehnaj (King of Serpents) and is based on his profile; and Lord Krishna with Kalia (Black Serpent) who defeated him in Vrindavan on the banks of the Yamuna River.

People who practice Nag Panchami religiously according to Hindu traditions worship the twelve snakes on this day which are Ananta, Vasuki, Shesha, Padma, Kambala, Karkotaka, Ashvatara, Dhritarashtra, Shankhapala, Kaliya, Takshaka, and Pingala. They chant the Mahamritunjya mantra on this day and also meditate on Lord Shiva's name by chanting "Om Namaha Shivaya".

In Nag Panchami, idols and snakes are washed with milk and worshiped. People pray to the lords to keep them and their loved ones on guard against snakes, as during this time of year snakes come out of their dens in search of dry places. Although snakes are poisonous, they are considered peaceful and harmless creatures and are said to be aggressive only when attacked by humans.

According to the Hindu religion, snakes should not be killed, but they should be respected, honoured, and humbly asked to leave if they enter someone's home or return by road. Hindus fast on this day and offer flowers, milk, and milk sweets in temples and distribute Prasads to those in need on the occasion of Nag Panchami.

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