June 8, 2020 Blog

Prasad, Touching Idols Or Singing At Religious Places are prohibited in the new Guidelines of Unlocks India


As the nation outfits to a staged opening, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare gave a standard working method (SOP) to be followed during the unwinding stage.

The rules that apply to strict places and places of love (aside from those in control zones) are set to change one's understanding of visiting such places in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

After right around two months of lockdown, strict spots are to open from Monday, June 8.

The regular measures to be trailed by the individuals working in such places and guests consistently incorporate the required utilization of veils and following social separating standards.

Just asymptomatic individuals can be permitted in and they should wash their hands and feet with cleanser and water before entering the premises of any strict spot, the rules said.

The passage to strict spots to be furnished with obligatory hand cleanliness and guaranteeing adequate separation to oversee line inside the premises.

10 Points To Remember If You Are Visiting Religious Places

1. Contacting sculptures, icons, and sacred books are disallowed.

2. Enormous get-togethers or gathering keep on staying denied to abstain from congestion. Physical contact ought to be evaded while welcoming one another.

3. Recorded reverential music or tunes might be played and physical singing ought to be kept away from.

4. Normal petition mats ought to be kept away from and fans are required to bring their supplication tangle.

5. Physical contributions like prasad or conveyance or a sprinkling of sacred water are carefully precluded.

6. Footwear to be ideally taken off inside your own vehicle. If necessary they ought to be kept in isolated spaces for every person and family by the enthusiasts themselves.

7. Network kitchens, langars, anna daan, or any sort of food offering administration at strict spots ought to follow social separating standards while getting ready and serving food.

8. The executives of the strict spot should lead visit cleaning and cleansing inside the premises.

9. Powerful sanitation inside the premises to be kept up with an exceptional spotlight on restrooms, hand, and foot-washing stations.

10. Legitimate removal of face spreads, covers, and gloves left over by guests and additionally representatives ought to be guaranteed.