March 20, 2019 Blog

8 zodiac sign that makes not-so-good ex-partners


Selecting the right intimate partner is necessary to lead a balanced romantic life. Here’s how you can select your perfect one is not considered, how you handle the separation with your ex –partners is considered with astrological viewpoint. The most important aspect is to consider things that are crucial to you. But love life is all grounded upon the destiny and determined by the zodiac signs. The astrological viewpoint says that all zodiac signs can not have favorable ex-partners. Every zodiac sign has different ways of handling their beak ups. So when life gives a challenge of relationship break up then every individual respond to such situation in his own ways. Every astrological sign has its own emotional responses for relationship breakup.  So here is the list of eight zodiac signs that makes not-so good ex-partners.


Scorpio ’s are the lucky one who are blessed with affectionate and honest partners. So when we talk regarding heart breaks up, there approach is positive and often their separation with their partner is mutual. They love to have understanding relations and end the relation at an affectionate note. But in some cases when they are cheated in their love life, they can be dangerous ex-partners. As they are clever planners and try to collect negative evidences to proof what their ex-lovers have done to them. In common way they switch to revenge mode. The unpredictable trait of Scorpio have the darker side of personality. In case they are in revenge mode they try to maintain contact with their ex-partners in some or the other ways and try to find reasons to blame them for what went wrong in their love relationships. Some of the Scorpio shut down all the contacts and even break relations with mutual contacts too and get lost in their own world. They move forward with own planning in their life. But yes it can be said that the unpredictable behavior of Scorpio can go beyond the level of any individual imagination.


The other astrological sign having a symbol as Lion. They take their love separation as rejection and often feel gloomy. Even if their partner shares the decision of getting apart from them. They take it very seriously and start thinking negative about their partners. In some case if it is not true, then also Leo shares negative words for their ex-partners. The core intention of Leo are they want to feel victorious and turn their ex-partners negative in social perception. They are egoist sometimes which results in showing such type of negativity as a part of their behavior towards their Ex-Partner.


Aries have jealous traits for their ex-partners. Their love perception is different from other astrological signs. They can stalk their ex-partners on online social networking sites and often try to find out the information of their ex-partners from their mutual contacts. In the extremity, they can be super jealous if they find that their ex-partners have moved in their life with greater pace than them and enjoying their life. This envy towards their ex-partners often disrupts their peace of mind.


The core trait of this zodiac signs is being emotional. They are very emotional for their Ex-partners. Like in other zodiac signs the individual blame or tries to hurt their ex-partners for whatever went wrong in their love relations, Cancerians not even dream off hurting their ex-partners.  They have emotional attachment with their ex-partners even after breakups and they love to go down the memory lane and have analysis of the happy times with their ex-partners. They even try to figure out the wrong steps they have taken in their interpersonal relations and try to analyze what they have done to get things on right path and how they have tried the different ways to make better relations. They suffer from difficult time to regulate their emotions and coming back to their normal life as earlier becomes difficult. They are super sentimental.


The dual nature of the personality makes very unpredictable, they pretend to be no care attitude for their ex-partners but in reality they can’t spend a single night without thinking of their ex-partners and crying for them. Beak up handling for Gemini is quite difficult than other zodiac signs. They pretend to be normal, but their suffer from internal pain for their ex-partners. They want to keep their problems and emotional difficulties with their own.  They never like to gain sympathy from others for their break ups. They want to tackle very grief all alone and be with themselves only. The coping behavior for their break ups make take longer time for them and it’s not easy for them to forget their ex-partners.


This astrological sign have signs of facing hard difficulties to cope up their break ups and hardest to forget their ex-partners. They are very indecisive by nature and often analyze whether it was right or wrong decision regarding break up. They even force their ex-partners to maintain contact with them and try to pester them. They find difficult to come to conclusion for their ex-partners. Unless and until they come to conclusion they face dilemma and brainstorming sessions for their ex-partners.


They are known for their perfection. They love relationship quality and often hard to get over for them. They put all effort for their better relations, so in case the relationship does not work out they overreact to the situation. They become self-critics and blame themselves. When their Ex-partners tries to connect with them they left no stone unturned to make their ex-partners realize about their life biggest mistake.


This astrological sign do have the trait to get back their ex-partners. They love to rekindle their relations. This is the water sign of the zodiac. They try to get deeply connected with their past sometimes to the point that you seek out old memories like episodes of your favorite TV show, replaying them in your mind to relive how you felt in that moment. Pisces have a tendency to nurture long-held inner fantasies. They try to find comfort, safety and happiness with their ex-partners.

So whatever zodiac sign you belong try to withhold your emotions back to your self and tackle break ups in an intelligent way rather to be emotionally disturbed and hard to find coping mechanisms. Love is magical so let it continue its magic after your break ups too.