January 18, 2019 Blog



By: Bhavya

Love is an emotion that holds both for good and bad feelings of life. Whenever you hear that ex is moving ahead in your life and marrying someone else, this gives you a feeling like your hurt is broken again and you feel hurt.  This news always gives you the feeling like someone has stabbed fork in your back and again twisted it for increasing your pain. It is not important that whether you have cheated on him or He left you for someone else, in both the cases there are still many good memories in your heart for him which gives you the feeling of hurt and pain. It’s been observed several times, that we feel in our minds that we have moved on from our past relationship but there are still some strings attached in our hearts which makes our feeling still alive in the corner of our heart.

This is a feeling which is a completely irrational but still normal thing that occurs at the time you hear your ex is getting married. Breaking up with someone or leaving somebody is not an issue similarly if you are feeling bad after hearing your ex is getting married then this is not also an issue. This feeling that is coming to your mind about your ex getting married is not an issue it is also not being mean about your present relationship it is just a feeling that is in your heart for a while and this feeling won’t last for long it stays just till the marriage ceremony ends.

The acceptance of the fact and the situation is very important lesson that life teaches us at every point in our life and this is one of such situation. This may make you feel a bit weird but this is something that has still a place in your heart in the form of good memories. Whenever you are in a relationship and then broke up with him, even after you broke up few feelings and good memories are still there in your heart.

The brighter side to this feeling is that this will definitely end soon and you will be back to normal life which you were leading. Yes, broking up with someone whom you loved for a while and spent a lot of wonderful memories with him, will make you feel hurt but you have to cope up with this situation and come up with this soon. What you have to do in this situation is just have to be calm and composed and always keep thinking that all these hurt feeling will be vanished soon, since the occasion end up.



Being honest with the emotions in your heart is the best way to handle this. If you won’t be accepting this emotion of pain and hurt is very important and if you won’t accept this 3will suffocate you and this will not help you in coping with the situation. It is completely fine the way you are feeling sad and lonely because the person who is getting married, is the one whom you loved and spent very good memories. You also had embraced yourself to be his life partner one day and this is not going to happen, so this will definitely hurt you. And the feeling of hurt and loneliness at this point of time is completely justified, so you should cry it out loud and tell yourself that this won’t be bothering you anymore in your future.


You should also try communicating people who are very close to you and will understand your feeling well. It is often said that sharing sorrows reduces the intensity of pain in your heart.” And this is something that really works. You should try sharing the feeling of pain and hurt in your heart with your family members, friends or a therapist if you are seeing one. This will help you in speaking out about your emotions to someone who will not judge you for your feelings and will also make you fell much relaxed once you share everything that is coming into your mind about your ex is getting married to someone else. Keeping the feeling of pain in your heart will suffocate you so you should definitely try sharing it with your closed ones.


You should never stalk your ex for any reason. You will definitely have an urge of finding out that how is he doing these days and who is his partner, etc. But what you have to do is to control this urge of yours. You should stop going through his social media account and browsing the old photographs with him, this will do nothing but make you feel hurt and miserable. You should accept the fact and let him live his life the way he want to and you should be happy in your life.


You should always try to keep yourself busy in various activities of your day to day life. As much free time you will have that much you will be thinking about the situation and may be more and more researching to the miseries, so always avoid being free which may help you a lot. Being busy will keep your mind completely distracted from the situation and the less you will think about this the lesser you will feel the pain.


The last but not the least advice is not to contact to your ex. You should never try to contact through any medium to your ex. This may create an awkward situation for him as well as for you. You should try to let him live free and enjoy the new phase of his life and you should also try to move on with your new relationship or other new things that are upcoming in your life. The most you could do is can send warm wishes and happiness for his wedding and wish him a great and happy future. This would be a move that may end up thing at a very good note.

See, love is something that always a space in your heart but the best decision is the freedom that you give to your ex-partner which help him in going ahead in his life and similarly you can also move on in your life. Ending things with warm wishes and good note leave a special impression on the other person and this also makes your ex feel that you have always wished him good for his life and you are also happy seeing him happy.