March 18, 2019 Blog

Crystal Therapy for Mental Clarity


Crystal therapy is the use of stones and crystal to heal your body. Crystal therapy is the form of alternative medicine which is used from ancient times. This is basically a use of stones, minerals to give individual health benefits. The crystal therapy is used to cure health alignments and gives protection against the diseases too. The users of the Crystal therapy states that crystals act as conduits for healing — allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative, disease-causing energy flows out. The different types of healing crystals are placed on an around the individual. These crystal promotes deep relaxation, release stress and pain, and promote energy balance within the physical and subtle bodies.

The treatment process through the Crystal therapy may take an hour or more than that. The crystals are used singles or sometimes in a pattern. They are perfectly placed on the pain areas, acupuncture points or meridians. In crystal healing, stones are assigned various properties, though healers have different ideas about which stones possess which properties. Crystal healing also involves the use of crystals and stones worn on the body or placed under pillows to ward off sickness, shed negative energy or absorb positive energy.

The effectiveness of Crystal Therapy

There is nothing like a miracle to be done by the use of Crystals. The specific placement of crystals either single or in a pattern form, they are always beneficial and will reward an individual with health and wellness. The crystals have the ability to hold and emit energy vibrations. Crystals affects the electromagnetic energy fields of our body. These include the etheric, emotional and mental bodies, which are collectively called the aura. Crystals absorb, focus , direct and diffuse the energy fields and enable us to find out the natural energetic rhythm once again. Different colored crystals when placed on the important seven chakras of our body provide a healing process to our mental health and physical well being too. This is why wearing certain crystals such as yellow citrine may uplift you, rose quartz may help to ease heartache, and amethyst may calm a busy mind and help you to sleep.

If you know what effect each type of crystal has according to its color, shape and mineral content, then you can make use of them to initiate a specific effect on the energy balance of chakras, meridians, energy, organs and emotions. Usually crystals with the points facing away from the problem area move the energy away from that area, and crystals placed with the points facing inwards recharge the body with subtle energies.

Colorful Crystal Combination

Some crystals such as ruby or garnet enhance vitality, and others such as amethyst, malachite and lapis calm over-energy states. In general warm coloured stones - red, orange and yellow - stimulate energy flow, and cool colours - blue, green and violet - generally calm overactivity. In a treatment some areas will need calming and others will need stimulating, but if the combination of stones are not set right way then both will diffuse the energy and will neutralize the effects.

Crystals for focus and Mental Clarity

Sometimes the individual gets confused with the challenges they face in their life. So at that time we may get surrounded by the negative thoughts and loses all vision and could not attain clarity of thoughts in such cases these suggested crystals may help an individual.


During those phase of life when you are simply obsessed with the ideas of negativism. Use Malachite to help you to sense the positive aspects of your life. The healing properties of Malachite balance the left and right hemisphere of the brain. This crystal helps an individual to bring energy, emotions and repressed feelings to its surface. Another one of the Malachite healing properties is that it assists in building up the immune system and aiding in coordination. This healing stone absorbs negativity from your body, and therefore should be cleaned quite often. When Malachite is being used, especially when held in your hands to balance the right and left hemisphere of the brain and help focus the mind, it should be cleaned often.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the best crystal for manifesting realities, programming intentions or amplifying energies. It brings clarity of mind, helps an individual to focus and makes them aware of their dreams and desires. They assist in spiritual development and with removing any energy blockages that occur in the body. This crystal will purify and re-energize the intention of an individual.

Top Healing Stones and Characteristics

Rose Quartz-this stone is known as loving stone. One who wears this crystal will attain love in all forms. The forms of love are platonic, sexual, and spiritual. it provides healing to the physical ailments and emotional outbursts. It can be gifted to those who are self-love seekers.

Fluorite- This protector gemstone are available in a variety of colors. It removes negative energy. Fluorite can also help the wearer find spiritual tranquility and can aid in meditation.

Lapis Lazuli- This crystal will help individual to eliminate confusion and emotional blockage. Lapis is also thought to be the gemstone that links the material and celestial realms, revealing the wonders of the cosmos to those seeking its healing energy.

Hematite-This silver-grey stone is known as grounding stone. It is a metallic gemstone. If an individual is facing stress, not able to clear interviews, then one can keep this stone in pocket and can see the benefits. This gemstone spreads healing energy.

Amethyst-this stone has powerful healing. It can be used for both mental and physical healing. This gemstone imparts a sense of calm and balance, clearing the mind of confusion and soothing negative or stressful emotions. It can balance hormone levels and strengthen the immune system.

Jade- this stone helps an individual to find inner peace and self-acceptance. This stone carries serene and calming energies. It can flush the toxins out of the body and can be helpful in relieving pain.