July 23, 2018 Blog

Business growth from astrology


By: Megha

Owning a business is easier said than done and while happiness and prosperity is the obvious by-product of a flourishing business; the life of a businessman or woman can be inundated with stress, tension and conflict due to failing commercial endeavors.

Failure in business is by no means an attractive proposition; loss of capital, decreasing revenues and the inability to pay the bills and furnish employee salaries are any business person’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately; businessmen and women often go through trying times during various stages of building up a business. Inability to take off as intended can happen in the initial stages of a business and a commercial endeavor may witness trying downtime even after many years of stability and success.

Business success and failure is never random; multiple underlying causes determine the success of a commercial endeavor and astrology can play a significant role in ensuring growth and success for your business. Listed below are specific astrology based tips and suggestions to facilitate business growth.

Astrology Tips and Suggestions for Business Growth

  • Hang 1 lemon with 7 green chilies along with a chunk of coal at the main entrance of your place of business on every Saturday.


  • Offer Rai of Dhuni to appease the God’s and to attract good fortune on every no-moon or new moon day.


  • Scatter a combination of pepper and black gram around your place of business on every Sunday.


  • Venerate a peepal leaf with an offering of incense sticks and place it under your chair at the workplace. Do this for 7 consecutive Sundays. Collect all 7 sacred leaves and let them be offered to any river.


  • Place 11 Abhimantrit Gomti Chakras in a red cloth in the same place as your cash register or your cash capital for the daily running of your business.


  • Affix Siddha Vyapar virddhi Yantra on a wall at your place of business.


Additionally; it is imperative to consult an astrologer as availing of astrology predictions in keeping with your specific horoscope can shed light on various ways in which you can bypass negative influences of the planets and harness the productivity of yogakaraka planet for your business growth. To facilitate business growth turn to holistic practices such as …

  • Wearing gemstones to bypass negative planetary influences
  • Reciting mantras to relax and sharpen your mind to make better business decisions
  • Opting for a “Kavach” or charm to aid in your success
  • Doing Puja for spiritual advancement and to find relief from stress and mental anguish. A calm and stable mind makes better business decisions.

  • Performing a “Yagya” wherein a priest will help you offer Puja materials to a sacred fire along with reciting sacred verses to defeat the forces of evil and invite prosperity.

These are just few generalized suggestions as to how astrological practices can help facilitate business growth. A consultation with a learned astrologer will result in a customized astrological remedy for your business problems and for growth and prosperity of your commercial endeavors.