Vastu tips for your office, which direction to sleep as per Hindu Astrology.

Vastu tips for your office, which direction to sleep as per Hindu Astrology.

By: Rashida

Vastu for Sleeping is a position which helps people to sleep in the most comfortable posture. It enables people to get complete rest and reduces stress. Stress is an important factor that ruins people’s dreams. Vastu deals with every aspect of comfortable sleep and getting good dreams.

According to Vastu, it is said that an individual should sleep in any of the directions with the exception of North. Each position has its own effect on a person’s sleep. Vastu is based on principles relating to the cosmic energy from the planetary movements, the energy flow from each direction differs that’s why the impact of every aspect and direction is different.


Vastu recommends that this position should strongly be avoided. It is the position that could lead to an individual’s sleepless nights leading to unwanted illnesses.


This position blesses homes with wealth and prosperity. Whoever chooses this position is definitely going to get some good sleep and stress-free nights.


Vastu sleeping in this direction increases memory, health, and intelligence. That’s why Vastu always recommends children to sleep in this posture. This will prove to be beneficial for them in academics and extra-curricular activities


Sleeping towards the west is one of the worst positions ever. People can get nightmares and could be prone to unwanted sickness and diseases.

Various aspects of astrology should be taken into consideration to improve our lifestyles.