February 15, 2018 Blog

Health astrology by date of birth!


Money is very important in life, but your health is even more valuable. Without a healthy body one cannot be productive and happier in life –

For Aries, 2018 is a very good year health wise, you just need to be careful with some allergic reactions. Don’t take any tension and stress and don’t neglect even minor health issues.

Taurus people will have lot of stress and tension this year which will impact their health resulting in weakness. You need to get regular checkups done to stay healthy.

Geminis will stay perfectly fit and fine throughout the year. Do regular exercise or yoga to remain healthy.

Cancerians will have stomach related issues this year. You are suggested not to do overeating and take balanced diet to remain healthy.

Leos will give lot of importance to health this year. You should engage yourself in some activities like sports or aerobics to stay fit

Virgos might face some issues related to joint pain this year. You are advised to do yoga and meditation to improve your health

Librans might face some problem related to digestive system. You should avoid oily and junk food and adhere to a good diet.

Scorpians might face some nervous system issues in this year. You are suggested to follow a exercise regime to stay healthy and happy and also don’t allow small issues to affect your health.

Sagittarius will take lot of work pressure this year which will affect their health. You are advised to take good amount of sleep besides exercise and meditation.

Capricorns will focus on improving their physical appearance this year. You are advised to do yoga and follow a exercise regime

Aquarians will stay fit and fine this year. You are advised not to neglect minor health issues this year.

Pisces will have stomach related issues this year. You should adhere to a healthy and balanced diet.

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