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Basic Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is a time-tested ancient Indian technique, an architectural feature that helps create grounds for homes, residences, offices, schools, etc. In an efficient way. The application of Vastu will make these homes very pleasant to live and work as they evoke the special forces of the universe through the harmonization of natural laws. The interior of the place or the interior design of Vastu improves your fitness, income, stability, achievements, and satisfaction. It is an essential element.

Do you know your Vastu home? Otherwise, it could be the cause of problems in your home. For more information, consult a Vastu expert.

Vastu comes from architecture, astronomy, astrology, and science and is believed to apply ancient mysticism to construct and design. Therefore, Vastu will help you to solve it and change your life if you are facing problems in your life.

Conceived as an art, Vaastu shastra has solidified as a science and has been translated into astrology as a system-based approach to safe living. A complete collection of ancient Hindu rituals.

Provides you with a closer look at Vastu shastra. In the world of Vastu shastra, you better know the right place for a Vastu home. Not only that, but the magnetic energy of the fundamental forces will also be the chosen places: the sun, the earth, the sky, the air, and the water.

vast shastra architecture

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Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian scholar of peace and successful life. It is based on the idea that everything in the world, including the land we build and the houses we inhabit, has a positive or negative vibration. The architecture based on the broad ideals of Shastra aims to eliminate negative energy and enhance positive energy: to build a building that matches the world and provides a healthy, prosperous and peaceful life.

Disha according to Vastu.

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According to the Vastu shastra, the entrance and the prayer hall are located in the northeast, a heavily loaded site, where the floating stairs point towards the entrance and the temple project over the courtyard. The living room is located in a double-height environment with a body of water and a more intimate environment in the dining room, with wide sliding doors near the kitchen.


Go up the stairs in a clockwise direction to the upper floors. The southwest master bedroom reflects the side of the lot and is associated with the leadership qualities of the home manager. Beds have a good night's sleep in all rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms have terraces, gardens, or skylights that connect with the landscape. The media center covers a large family balcony and there is a workshop in the basement.
Vastu shastra colors

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The colors of our home are chosen to enhance the architectural appearance of our home. Our color palette for each room is based on your favorite personal home theme. We don't realize that the colors on our walls represent our inner selves and unconsciously alter our moods. This fact, since it affects our personality, should not be ignored.

According to Vastu shastra, colors play an important role in balancing our mind and body. The choice of colors stimulates the energy in the space and influences the people in the house. For each bed, Vastu suggests those colors. Follow the colors of Vastu and you can feel the joyful atmosphere in the room and the flood of good energy. For each room in the building, today we have the colors of Vastu.

Colour of the room according to Vastu

Pink, brown, green, gray, and purple are the most appropriate colors in the hallways. In addition to the romantic shades between love and pleasure, these colors bring peace, comfort, and sleep.

Living room Colour according to Vastu Shastra

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Our living room serves as an introduction to our personalities. It should be warm and welcoming, as well as bold and lively, and full of life. The best Colours for the living room are blue, green, yellow, beige, and brown. However, Vastu suggests including a small amount of red in the living room. The whole area will come to life and will be filled with new life.

Dining room Colour according to Vastu

Pink, blue, orange, gray, and purple are the best Colour for the dining room, but only in their light tones. In addition to being romantic shades of love and pleasure, these Colour provide calm, comfort, and promote sleep.

Study room Colour according to Vastu

Green, brown, lavender, and light purple are suitable Colours for the study area of the home. If the children's study table is in your bedroom, use this Colour in your room. These Colours improve focus and memory while making the space more interesting.

Children's Room Colour as Per Vastu

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To make the children's space bright and colorful, choose each cheerful Colour. It is best suited for orange, pink, brown, gray, or lavender. Resist using too much red as it can be cumbersome under an offensive tone.

Vastu shastra and astrology

The relationship between Vastu Shastra and astrology is eternal. To put it more clearly, we can explain it by understanding that when the number "one" is placed before another number "one", we mark it as 11 when the number "one" is removed from the number "one", we get zero. In our case, this means that the concepts of Vastu shastra and astrology are also useful. If an individual builds a building together with Vastu and passes astrologically for a suitable time, the influence of the group is multiplied. Whether it is wrong or negative, there are undesirable effects.

The northeastern part of the Earth is known as the solar hemisphere, while the southwestern half is known as the lunar hemisphere. Ideally, the solar half should be lower and the lunar half higher. This allows for optimal distribution of the sun, solar radiation, and polar energy from east to north, and water flows from west to east and south to north. This frame pattern brings joy and pleasure, happy children, all the prosperity of life to the people who live in the building in which it is built.

Avoid patches of land that are convex in the middle and sloped in both directions. The same goes for the property of depression in the middle. Learn more about preparing the ground for construction.

Elements of Vastu Shastra:

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Are you looking for Vastu spare parts for your home? Do you want to build a positive environment in your home? Vastu, an ancient architectural practice, recommends using certain things to increase positive energies in and around the home.

Because we still come up with useful tips and ideas to help you renovate your living room. We are back with another set of Vastu yantras and the right things for your home.

The smiling Buddha statue is considered most important in feng shui and Vastu. It is useful to have it at home. Because it creates a peaceful environment, it also eliminates external forces and brings wealth.

Do you want to balance the Vastu dosha in your home or office? The kavach yantra tortoise would be the ideal treatment. Keeping them in your home or workplace is said to balance the doshas and make the environment more pleasant.

The Gomati chakra tree is an important Vastu element for your home. It is believed to be the home of the goddess Laxmi. It is said to be associated with Lord Vishnu as it is similar to the Sudarshan Chakra. Put it in your house to bring you luck and happiness. Place this tree in the southeast corner of your home or office to eliminate the Vastu dosha.

The horseshoe is the best Vastu item for your home, whether you want to please Lord Shani or bring good luck. A horseshoe that hangs on your door, according to astrology, protects you from evil spirits and the evil eye.

If your front door faces north, west, or northwest, hang it there. A horseshoe strung with evil eye beads and black thread is said to be very strong.


The values of Vastu Shastra, which guarantee peace and success in life, have been verified and tested. You can recreate your life according to your will by sticking to these values. All you need is to commit and have a happy life.