February 6, 2018 Blog

Unlucky Venus in horoscope and Lal kitab remedies!


Venus has been regarded as the goddess of love, marriage, beauty and comforts and when venus is unlucky in your kundali it causes several problems and incidents. Inauspicious venus in horoscope indicates that the person is characterless and situation of conflict and divorce may arise in his married life.

The person might have all the luxuries in life but due to negative effect of venus, he will not be able to enjoy the same. Also because of inauspicious venus, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will not be good and they will have negative and bitter feelings for each other.

Also if venus in kundali is unlucky, then the person will not be happy with his married life and relationship. Also a person becomes alcoholic or suffers from disease at young age because of the malefic effect of venus.

Here are few remedies to turn unlucky venus in to an auspicious venus-

  • Donate cotton, pure cow ghee and curd to any religious place.
  • Give respect to female members at home.
  • Keep square shaped silver item in your wallet or purse, it really helps to calm down Venus’ effects.
  • People born with weak or malefic Venus in horoscope should observe fasts on Friday and visits temple every day. This helps in keeping the negativity of Venus to the minimum.
  • Also you should feed green fodder to cow and should also feed black cow or horses regularly. This eliminates the negativity of Venus.