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Vastu Shastra, the ancient Vedic science of spaces, can actually be used to create a harmonious and stress-free environment at home, which can cultivate love and enhance compatibility in a relationship. If it’s done correctly under the supervision of a great expert, it can improve your life and get rid of discomfort and friction.

Here are some helpful tips to brighten up your love life:

  1. For happy love life, clarity of thought between couples is the most important thing. This can be ensured by using shades of blue or purple to the northeast.

  2. The fire (kitchen) element facing southeast helps keep women mentally and physically stable.

  3. Make sure the master bedroom faces southwest; This helps keep the man stable and level.

  4. Choose a darker blue or a little gray for the children's room or guest room.

  5. According to Vastu, choose soft or pastel-colored lighting for your lampshades. It is recommended to use pink or light-colored sheets with flowers.

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  6. The exact location of the bed in the master bedroom should be in the south or southwest area, but not between the two, as this can lead to marital problems.

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  7. The bedroom should be square or rectangular and not have a strange design with sharp corners.

  8. Avoid metal beds as they disturb sleep and cause tension between the couple. Choose a single bed or a queen-size bed. Two beds or mattresses attached to each other should be strictly avoided.

  9. The colour of the walls should be light and relaxing and the atmosphere cozy; think pink or peach for a southwestern trend.

  10. A mirror directly in front of the bed should be avoided. The larger the mirror, the greater the possibility of straining the marital relationship.

  11. The northeast corner of the room should not be cluttered. Indoor plants, white flowers in the north corner, and purple or red roses in the southwest corner help improve relationships.

  12. Computers and television are not only dangerous for the modern lifestyle, but according to the Vastu shastra also, but they also should not be placed inside the room. Cover all of these appliances with a cloth at night.

  13. Keep your head in the south direction while sleeping.

  14. For happy love life, make sure that there are no unique accent pieces in the room, such as a duck or a butterfly. Keep them as a duo, a symbol of love.

  15. Never try to favor a room in an East-Southeast area. If possible, keep the grinder mixer in this area.

  16. Keep love letters in the north and northwest regions.

  17. Take off any red clothing or clothing from the Southwest region to make it healthier.

  18. Keep the eastern, northern, and eastern regions clean for the sake of freshness in the relationship.

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  19. Keep your home free of unused items.

  20. The east is the best area for the bedroom.

  21. You should not prefer the bathroom to the southwest direction of your house.

  22. Keep a photograph of your loved one in the north and northwest area of your home.

  23. Southwest: Known as the area of relationships. If this is turbulent, relationships are upset.

  24. South and Southwest - If this is out of balance, this creates a lot of problems in your love life.

  25. East - Northeast - East: This area is known as the renewal zone. If unused items are saved or stored in this area, it can lead to cohesion in your relationship.

  26. East - Southeast: This is an area of concern. This area must remain in place for effective decision-making.

  27. North - Northwest: The North-Northwest region is the area of attraction. This is a good place for people who want to get married.

Wrap Up:

True love is not easy to find. It is not an illusion and many look at it. You have to be positive about your dreams and good things will come to you automatically, and you will be surprised how easy it is to attract the person of your dreams into your life.

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