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Chanting of these 12 names of Lord Sun gives wealth and desired boon


Just as water, air and earth are needed for life, in the same way the energy of the sun is also very important for the survival and growth of the organism. According to science, the lord Sun is considered as the source of energy in the earth. If the scriptures are to be believed, then the Sun is considered to be the god of creation. It is believed that by pleasing the Sun, any person can make his life happy with wealth and can get the desired groom.

Surya is the only deity who does not require any offerings or big rituals to please him. They can be appeased only by doing Namaskar or by offering water. Surya is also considered as the god who gives energy to the whole world. It is believed in cosmic stories that if you want to get wealth, happiness, prosperity, opulence and prosperity, then while offering Arghya on Sunday, chant 12 names of Lord Sun. Lord Surya is pleased with this and gives the desired boon to the devotee. Also the position of Sun in the horoscope or your zodiac sign is strong.

12 amazing facts about lord sun
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  • The Sun is known in Hindu Mythology by Dhrukkilway Names: Mitra, Ravi, Surya, Bhanu, Kha, Pusha, Hiranyagarbha, Marichin, Aditya, Savitri, Arka and Bhaskara.
  • Suryanamaskar or Sun Salutation has twelve positions for each of these forms.
  • Sauram or Sun Worship is one of the six schools of Hinduism.
  • The sun is the main deity among the Navagrahas, a set of nine celestial bodies classified in Indian astronomy.
  • The Suryanar Temple in Kumbhakonam is dedicated to the Sun God. Muttuswami Dikshitar composed "Suryamurthe" for this deity in a mixture of Saurashtra.
  • Some temples in northern and eastern India, such as the ancient Konark Temple in Orissa, are dedicated to the ‘Arka’ form of sun.
  • The worship of the lord sun was widespread in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia.
  • The major sun festivals in India include Makara Sankranti or Pongal, Chhat and Ratha Saptami.
  • Surya is linked to the great Indian epics. Lord Rama is said to be a descendant of Suryavansha and the hero Mahabharata Karna is said to be the son of the sun god.
  • ‘Aditya’ is the name of the 12th chakra in the sampurna mela raga scheme in Carnatic music.
  • In multiple music compositions, the resplendence of the deity is compared with the brilliance of the sun, through phrases such as ‘bhanu koti’ and ‘dinakara koti’ prakasham.
  • The Aditya Hridayam is a well- known hymn in praise of the Sun, while the Gayatri mantra bears reference to the sun or ‘savitr’.

12 names of lord sun
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Sunday is considered the day of worship of Lord Surya. The Sun God is also considered as a direct deity. Sun is also considered as the king of planets and symbol of soul. That is why such persons whose self-confidence is weak, they are advised to worship the Sun God. In our Vedas and other texts, 12 names of Surya have been mentioned and these 12 names of Surya have been kept on the basis of their different characteristics. These 12 names of the Sun are chanted for the worship of the Sun God, which are as follows-
  • Aditya: Lord Sun, being the son of sage Kashyap and Aditi, he is named Surya after mother Aditi. The meaning of Aditi is - one who is above attachment and aversion and on whom no one can control.
  • Dinkar: Lord of the day or because the day begins with the Sun, Surya is also called Dinkar.
  • Diwakar: Diwakar means the destroyer of night or darkness. Meaning the one whose darkness ends as soon as it comes is called Surya.
  • Bhanu: Bhanu means such supernatural brilliance, which benefits everyone. Due to this supernatural radiance, the Sun is also called Bhanu.
  • Ravi: It is said that the day on which the universe started was Sunday. That is why the week also starts from Sunday and Lord Sun is also known by the name Ravi.
  • Prabhakar: Prabha means morning and this is the time when the sun is present in the world. That is why he is also called Prabhakar.
  • Rashmi Mate: There are two words in this. In which Rashmi means light and Mate means beam. That is, within which there are thousands of light beams, it is called Surya.
  • Bhubaneshwar: It means- Ruler of the earth. Earth is also a planet of the Sun. That is why the Sun is also called Bhubaneshwar.
  • Savita: Savita means one who creates. Surya is also called as Savita because of creating light in the world.
  • Surya: Surya means the one who travels. Lord Surya always keeps traveling all over the world, hence his name is also Surya.
  • Saptasati: Lord Sun rides a chariot of seven horses. That is why one of her names is also named Saptasati.
  • Adidev: According to the Vedas, due to the beginning of the universe on a Sunday in the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month, he also has a name Adidev.

12 mantras of lord sun
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  • Om Suryay Namah.
  • Om Mitraya Namah.
  • Om Ravaye Namah.
  • Om Bhanve Namah.
  • Om Khagai Namah.
  • Om Pushne Namah.
  • Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namah.
  • Om Marichay Namah.
  • Om Adityay Namah.
  • Om Savitre Namah.
  • Om Arkay Namah.
  • Om Bhaskarai Namah.

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