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Love Marriage Predictions by Date of Birth and Numerology


Do you want to know how to be your partner? Or what unique traits make them your soulmate? So, don’t worry we will do it! With the help of numerology, you can get to know your partner more and explore their unique love traits based on their date of birth.

Whether you have decided on a love match or an arranged marriage, understanding your partner and their personality is very important. It can help you to improve marital compatibility and improve your relationship. With the help of zodiac signs compatibility and love calculator, you can know your partner and your compatibility with them. However, knowing more about your partner will not be in vain.

In this article, you can learn about marriage predictions by dates that are very helpful in revealing the personalities of the couples. You share your desires, characteristics, and preferences in love and marriage. These love match predictions show what kind of match you are based on your date of birth and numerology number.

Therefore, after finding your best match with Kundali, know who your partner is, what your partner's wishes and expectations are. Explore marriage's expectations of love.

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Love marriage predictions by date of birth

To know your marriage predictions by date of birth, first, find out your 0 or destiny number according to your date of birth and read on to find out what your partner thinks when it comes to love and marriage. Look at the table below to see your numerology number by date of birth.


Date of Birth (in any month)

Numerology Number or Destiny Number

1, 10, 19, 28


2, 11, 20, 29


3, 12, 12, 21, 30


4, 13, 22, 31


5, 14, 23


6, 15, 24


7, 16, 25


8, 17, 26


9, 18, 27


Love And Marriage Predictions Based on Numerology Numbers

Marriage Predictions for Number 1

These people are born leaders. They lead things and make decisions in relationships. These people tend to dominate their partners and do nothing until they are ready to do so. According to the rules of numerology, these people do not compromise and have unique characteristics. They have an exclusive option for everything. They do not settle for less and this makes them choose a unique and extraordinary partner. They usually marry their childhood sweethearts and are loyal to them no matter what. If Janam Kundali or Birth Chart match someone, they can enjoy lasting marital bliss.

Marriage Predictions Number 2

People born on the date of birth with number 2 are very sensitive, moody, and emotional. These people are very sensitive and have extreme mood swings. They can be easily hurt and always try not to hurt their partner. Number 2 People think from their hearts and use their brains less often when making important decisions. They are very inventive and creative. They are very passionate about love and romance. For them, love is everything and it is more important to have emotional compatibility with a partner than a physical relationship. However, a lot depends on your birth chart and the zodiac signs that make up your life after marriage.

Marriage Predictions Number 3

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People born on the date of birth with number 3 are very practical and realistic people. They think from their brain and are not very emotional. These self-obsessed people have their own rules and they want their partners to follow them. They are not very romantic partners and therefore spend less time with their partners. They are very dominant in relationships and this can also be seen in their sexuality. However, these brave personalities are very loyal to the marriage and are never afraid to do anything for their partner. For these people, work is the first priority, and the relationship and their partner are always second places. However, their married life can be happy if they marry a compatible partner who is compatible with their sign.

Marriage Predictions Number 4

Unconventional thinking and a unique personality are what Number 4 is born with. According to their astrological traits, these people are not so romantic, but they do have a tendency towards romantic pleasures. They find it difficult to stick to a single partner and sometimes look for love outside of marriage. However, number 4s shows exceptional loyalty and commitment in their marriage. Also, these people should check their astrological compatibility before marriage because they may be tempted to divorce or separate from their partners due to anger issues.

Marriage Predictions Number 5

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No. 5 People love to do experiments. They are very versatile by nature and try new ways to surprise and love their partner in relationships. They are very quick to make a decision. However, they are very capricious and impulsive. They find it difficult to stay with someone because they get bored easily and are often looking for new thrills in their love life. They are looking for someone special who can bring stability to their lives and can also surprise them at times. When it comes to commitments and marriage, they take their time because they never want to settle for someone who is less deserving of them.

Marriage Predictions Number 6

People with the number 6 have a dynamic personality. They are very beautiful, charming and attractive. They are emotionally driven and prefer emotional compatibility to physical compatibility in marriage. These people are very romantic and have an uncanny ability to captivate anyone with their charm and intelligence. They are good at romance and very passionate about making love. People born under number 6 can be very manipulative at times. They may take advantage of you to do their job and tend to go to great lengths to satisfy their desires, especially romantic and sentimental ones. To match compatibility and find out how happy your married life is with number 6 people, you need to analyze their birth charts.

Marriage Predictions for Nmber 7

People born under number 7 are very ambitious and thoughtful. They are ruled by Planet Ketu and have reserved but powerful personalities. These people are very dreamy by nature. They talk less and spend most of their time thinking about what they want in life. They have a great ability to get what they want. These people are very loyal to their partners and have an understanding of nature. Number 7 People overthink and overanalyze things that often turn small arguments into big conflicts. Marital relations with such partners often suffer from misunderstandings. These people must work on developing connections with their partners in order to have a healthy and happy relationship.

Marriage Predictions Number 8

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Loyalty is one of the most prominent traits of number 8 people. These are the most reliable and compatible partners of all numbers. However, their spouses often misunderstand such people. These people are very emotional and take a long time to fall in love. However, once they fall in love, they passionately love their partners and can do anything for them. Such people prefer to follow their hearts in matters of love and marriage. According to the rules of numerology, number 8 people are easily attracted to number 4 and number 8 people, but they often face various difficulties if they marry them. Also, women born under the number 8 in numerology suffer from marital problems. Therefore, it is recommended to match the kundali and check the compatibility of your marriage with your partner.

Marriage Predictions for Number 9

Ruled by the planet Mars, number 9 people are very aggressive and energetic. They are very demanding in love and attach great importance to physical compatibility. They greatly desire love and romance in their marriage. These people are very emotional when it comes to love. They are closely related to their partners and families. They are very short and often lead to marital breakups. Males with the number 9 may seek extramarital affairs to fulfill their physical desires. To live a happy and peaceful married life with 8 people, it is recommended to check love compatibility before marriage using a birth chart.