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Astrology Solution for Marital Problems


Effective marriage problems and the solution provided by an astrologer experienced in solving married life problems. Keep married life blessed. Their goal is to achieve effective results in any marriage, from the troubled stage to their happy and peaceful union.

The dilemma of the marital union after marriage

Marriage problems are not something a person has to go through once in their life. They are very common these days in today's fast-paced lifestyle where people embrace western culture and avoid their marital responsibility for something meaningless, the marital problem takes on the aspect of destroying one's life. The main problem contributing to this risk is the lack of mutual understanding between the partners. Post-military problems occur when any sense of reciprocity is set aside due to ego, mistrust, misunderstanding, and lack of mutual love. The problem with such a marital relationship is that, if left untreated, its poison can gradually spoil the foundation of your marriage, on the basis of which you have both agreed to strengthen at all costs, in any situation, good or bad. . It is time to take a solution to end any ego conflict or anything equivalent to ending your marriage union through a variety of reasonable methods such as counseling or anything else that helps you save your marriage and continue to enjoy it. forever.
An expert astrologer offers a solution to the husband and wife problem through astrological practices that consist of a noble way of solving your marital problems and the solution that works best for your marital problems. Get a solution to your marital problem from an astrologer who has many years of experience in providing an effective and reliable solution to the problem of marital life for suffering souls.

How to get away from the problems of married life through astrology?

A happy married life is definitely a blessing. While the problem in married life leads to misery. Married couples should aspire to maintain peace, harmony, and warmth in married life. Married people need to spend quality time with their partners on a regular basis. This gives you time to vent hurt feelings and resolve disagreements. It is necessary to leave enough space for the life partner to free himself from acting in her way. Balancing personal and professional life is vital to a happy married life. Try to avoid conflicts and stay away from ego conflicts. The ego conflict leads to a serious problem in married life. You have to remain calm and patient on your part so that the harmony and warmth in your relationship with your spouse are not contaminated.

Astrological reflections on marital problems

In astrological terms, the 7th house indicates a life partner. Married life is also viewed from the seventh house. The ruler of the seventh house plays a vital role in married life. The house of the ruler of the sixth house speaks of confusion in married life. If the ruler of the sixth house is in the seventh house, or the ruler of the seventh house is in the sixth house, then it is important for the confusion of marital life. In some cases, this can lead to a breakdown in the relationship. The ruler of the seventh house is a pure and strong man and is retrograde in the twelfth house. This situation leads to some anomalies in married life. Sometimes you tend to enjoy sensual pleasure with another person and then with a life partner. This kind of lean is definitely not a happy proposition. Similarly, the ruler of the seventh house, whether he is in the fourth house or the ruler of the fourth house in the seventh house, denotes the existence of an extramarital marital relationship. The ruler of the seventh house in the third house is also not a happy proposal for the continuation of a pleasant married life. This situation can cause a breakdown in the relationship. However, Jupiter as the ruler of the 7th house if it is focused on the 3rd house, it works well to strengthen the forces of cohesion, and happy married life is maintained. Some informed people are of the opinion that the position of the seventh house in the second house is also not suitable for the continuation of married life. The burning or retreat of the seventh house is also not a happy suggestion of peace and harmony in married life. Discomfort in the dacha period also leads to contamination of peace and harmony in married life. The planet Malevik in the 9th house may be responsible for problems in married life.

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