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No one is perfect in this world; Everyone has faults and faults. Everyone has a different way of expressing their anger, which can be quite dangerous and scary at times. Extremely negative personalities can also be inclined to commit crimes such as murder or robbery. Astrology has succeeded in positive and negative personality traits based on the signs of the zodiac. That's why we bring you the most dangerous signs in the zodiac, ranked at least.



Capricorns can be very well equipped and capable of heinous crimes; Whether it's petty theft or even killing someone. They can neatly organize a plan, but their downside is that they are sloppy and can be easily caught.


Leo suffers from mental health problems; His great anger is one of the main reasons for his crimes. They love attention, so they may even take offense at being famous. They don't care about petty crime, or it's front page cold-blooded murder, or nothing at all.


He tends to be jealous of people who steal the show. Scorpios won't hesitate to sting someone under bad circumstances. Your aggressive nature can easily manipulate others into committing crimes together.


They can be extremely difficult when it comes to securing a fortune. They are excellent thieves who believe in stealing other people's fortunes for their survival. They are very smart and so you are sure to find an archer in the list of notorious criminals who escaped from prison.

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Aquarius is best known when it comes to revenge. They are very manipulative and vindictive. They are also experts in hacking. Their creativity is at its best when considering hacking important sites. They can get enough information to blackmail someone.


People with the Libra sign are primarily involved in drug-related crimes and bank robbery. They also avoid committing crimes alone and seek a partner. They feel more confident when they are linked to a criminal gang or an illegal organization.


As a sign of fire, Aries hates being dominated. If someone tries to hurt you, go back and hurt that person by committing unplanned robbery or even murder. People of this zodiac can easily get angry.


Pisces are hot-tempered but are more likely to abuse their bodies through the use of drugs. They have a propensity for illegal addictions, so there is a high possibility that Pisces will commit a crime to regain their gambling addiction.


Gemini is prone to crimes such as theft, but not necessarily violent crimes. These people are quick learners and have a good sense of humor, but their decisions are always short, which is why they are so indecisive. You can tell Gemini about a little theft.


Virgo perfectionists are adept at flying, but they're also very cautious. They know their work and do it with such precision that it is impossible to trace it. They also don't mind being petty hackers.


People with signs of cancer lack mental stability; When angry they see a red color which can be a bit alarming as there is a possibility of committing a crime but if someone pushes them over and over they will start to think correctly.


They are extremely temperamental, which makes them the fiercest dictators in the world. They are natural leaders who were born to rule the world. Although they will not commit any crime directly, due to their accessibility and intelligence, they will carry out their work with the help of others.

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