November 22, 2021 Blog

Nazar kyu Lagti Hey? What is the evil eye? Are there any Solutions for Drishti?


To be very honest, I don't know why. I have personally heard about the concept throughout my existence, but have never come across the science behind Nazar Lagna, how it occurs and how it can be removed. However, over time, I have definitely learned it from others, and here I would like to share what I have learned.
Sadhguru, in one of his videos, once talked about the concept and compared it to the bathroom. He says, just as we bathe and remove bodily dirt from our bodies, in the same way, our bodies are also surrounded by bad energies that need to be washed regularly.

How do you remove the evil eye?

Simply, Drishti(evil eye) is performed in a person to remove the influence of negative energies. The fire wash helps to remove all the impurities that surround a person, which can bother for no practical reason.

  • It is believed that most human problems can be solved by practicing Drishti(evil eye) regularly, as we clean our bodies. If it is not regular, it should be done especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays to overcome all the unknown problems.

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  • You must have seen how babies sometimes cry for no reason and it can be very difficult to control them. However, if Drishti(evil eye) is performed on them, this simple fire washing can remove the impurities around them. This will help the baby to normalize right away. This is the power to remove the evil eye.

  • The living room is one of those areas where everyone stops before entering your home. Placing the evil eye on a shelf or hanging it as an ornament will help turn all evil eyes into neutral or positive eyes.
  • Evil eye jewelry has gained a lot of popularity today. It is in fashion as it will protect you from all bad vibes and give you peace of mind. You can wear a necklace or a bracelet. However, do not wear it on the ankle.
  • Gardens are another great place to place a beautiful evil eye artifact on a tree or plant. However, don't look to the south. Placing it in the garden will accumulate all the positive and peaceful energies to a harmonious environment.

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  • Offices can be seen in many workplaces or on the desktop. The direction to position the evil eye is also essential, do not let it look south. People also take a look at the rearview mirror of their cars.

Also, contrary to popular belief, you should remember that gifting the evil eye can lead to unfortunate events. Therefore, it is always advisable to be careful.