October 10, 2019 Blog

Men of boy bands


Wouldn’t you all agree that most of the girls see their first crushes in men of boy bands? Here we have created a hypothetical guide based on which boy band men have been associated with each zodiac sign. Let’s find out how we have created it.


Kim Nam-Joon, famously known as RM (Rap Monster) is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is the leader and the main rapper in the South Korean boy group BTS. His raps are so fast that you feel you are short of breath and missing a beat while transitioning into singing is not in his books. Aries girls won’t settle for any men lesser than this quality as currently, he is the hottest guy in the world. 

TAURUS- Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers

The coolest and the cutest brother of all, Nick has gained that title slowly and steadily making his way up. He might be young but exhibits all those traits that a Taurus girl would seek in her partner that is warm, jovial, mature, comforting and family-oriented. 

GEMINI-Simon Webb from Blue

Geminis crave mental stimulation and variety. As a result, they often struggle with routine and repetition in all aspects of life including relationships as they easily get distracted. Simon Webbe is the full package for Gemini as he is beautiful from head-to-toe and extremely talented that Gemini girls would finally stick their wavering mind to him.

CANCER- Harry Styles from One Direction

Cancerians are not very social at first but once you earn their trust they would be a loyal companion for the rest of life. Harry Styles is a bad boy, but Cancer gravitates towards emotionally unavailable, cool heartbreakers. His green eyes and crooked dimples will make any Cancerian fall for him and he is certainly going to make things ‘happening’ for them.

LEO-Justin Timberlake from N*SYNC

Leos settle for nothing less than the best. They want to outshine in every field even when it comes to dating as they want to date the biggest star to stand out in the crowd. Justin Timberlake, singer-turned-actor fits best to their definition of date as he brought ‘Sexy Back’. His sophistication and appropriate posh would attract Leos for sure.

VIRGO-Zayn from One Direction

Virgos are intrigued by the complicated characters as they always strive for making things perfect by fixing them. Zayn, famous for melancholic stare, makes Virgo interested in them as they would want to unearth what’s hidden beneath that man’s heart.

LIBRA-Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys

No one can deny he was the crush of every girl but he is perfect for Libra women. Libra woman, full of love and beauty, is a prom Queen and Nick, a prom King, with blue eyes and blonde spikes, make a perfect beautiful pair. For them, good looks are the first criteria they look for in a partner. So Nick makes a perfect choice for Libra women.

SCORPIO-Ronan Keating from Boyzone

Scorpions would love to be with partners who connect with them very well and have the same talent and strength they have. Ronan Keating, not so flashy like his other band members, famous for his deep and intense beautiful voice and music romanticizing the environment is surely Scorpion's first choice.

SAGITTARIUS- Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers

Sagittarians are risk-takers and love challenges and thus they are attracted to the type of man who would not be easy to handle. Joe Jonas, famous as a textbook hot and notorious nature, is the one for Sagittarians as they are bold and gutsy and would love to have a partner who is not easy.

CAPRICORN: Joey McIntyre from New Kids On The Block

In spite of being a father of three, Joey McIntyre still is a heartthrob for many women. He is agelessly beautiful, much like Capricorns and thus makes a perfect pair with Capricorn women. The man who is simple and stable yet a powerhouse of talent would excite romantic feelings in Capricorns for him.

AQUARIUS: Robbie Williams from Take That

Not a chocolate boy, but more mature, intellectual and flexible kind of person would interest Aquarius which is why Robbie Williams tops the list of these qualities and Aquarius would have a blast with this wild and weird powerhouse of talent. Also, Aquarians don’t like monotonous stuff and hence Robbie makes a perfect choice again and will keep them engaged for sure.

PISCES- Taylor Hanson from Hanson

The cool music of very talented Taylor Hanson filled with sweetness and innocence won the hearts of many. Started his singing career as a child and is continuing it with the same purity and sweetness would make Pisces to not leave a chance to be with someone as chaste as they are.