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9 Ways to Achieve Spiritual Enlightenment


The spiritual enlightenment is the introspection of the soul. When you will experience spiritual enlightenment, then it is simply “aha” experience. There are individual differences in the perception of spiritual enlightenment, people living in one geographic location comprehend things in a different manner as compared to those living in another geographic location. The whole concept of being spiritually enlightened is having an ability to completely comprehend yourself, life and the world around you. However, spiritual enlightenment is a sudden experience which makes it hard to define as the experiences vary from person to person.

Stages of spiritual awakening

According to layman perception, there are three stages of spiritual awakening.

First Stage - The first stage of spiritual awakening can be considered as the confrontation with According to layman perception, there are three stages of spiritual awakening.reality and understanding the environment. When an individual has deep understanding of the environment and reality, he will feel relaxed and calm. You will experience that you are living in the future without worrying about your past and future.

Second Stage the Second stage of spiritual awakening suggests that in this stage you will find a connection between yourself and the environment. The connection can be it other human beings, animals, or trees. In this stage, your soul will be merged with nature and an individual will start experiencing happiness in every little thing.

Third Stage – This stage will give you the sudden experience of the realization that you are not connected with everything around you but in reality, you’re everything.


Ways to Achieve Spiritual enlightenment

Be Honest to yourself

The individuals who are striving hard to achieve spiritual enlightenment then being honest to yourself is the first baby step. This is the small step but its crucial step. Spiritual awakening is the experience that completely changes an individual perspective and the way they perceive the environment. Being true to yourself is very painful and one always wants to escape this step. They need to understand that to transform, change and heal the problems within themselves, they first need to comprehend the problems.

Kill Your Ego

The second way to achieve spiritual enlightenment is to shed off ego. The individual who wants to be spiritual enlighten should become kind, caring. If an individual manages to kill their ego, they can achieve eternal happiness. The ego is the resultant of the thoughts customized by society. Once the individual kills the ego, they can able to maintain relationship and achieve respect.

Forgive People and Yourself

Sometimes it becomes difficult to forgive such people who hurt you to the core. But when you work on the second thought towards them, you will find that forgiving is making you think more than the situation. So, if you cave for spiritual enlightenment then start forgiving to achieve peace and happiness.

Embrace your Fears

This is the major step in the long journey of spiritual enlightenment. This step revolves around embracing your fear. It means allow yourself everything you want to do. Don’t let your fears to grip you and hold you back from doing something you always wanted to do. One of the main differences between spiritually-enlightened people and ordinary citizens is that they don’t let the fear to control your life. It does not mean that the spiritually enlightened people don’t have fear of risk in life. They develop the strength to embrace them.


This is the most widely accepted way of spiritual enlightenment. The meditation helps us to concentrate on the need of our mind and it gives peace to our soul. It helps us to be real being. The focus of this type of meditation is in the sitting posture of the person instead of concentration in thoughts. You just have to sit in a particular position and keep your mind free from any ideas.

Prayers and Pilgrimages

Never mix religion with spirituality. These two are different aspects of life. Every religion has different faith and they have different customs and ways of doing prayers. Every religion has a particular method of prayer and expect its believers to make pilgrimages. Prayer is a physical form of meditation. Pilgrimages are much like traveling experiences where you meet different people, it gives peace to our soul and mind.

Detach yourself from Worldly Things

The day when you kill your ego, you will become honest yourself. When we become honest with our self then we become very less attached to the worldly things and find inner peace. Detachment does not imply leaving things rather it means that not depending on material things.


Yoga is always treated as an alternative medicine for mind. It gives calmness and freshness to mental processes. Yoga helps to get rid of external noise so that you can listen to your inner voice and concentrate your thoughts on the central point of yourself.

Taking Psychedelics

The use of Psychedelics is the best way to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Psychedelic drugs such as mushrooms, LSD or marijuana is considered to be illegal in a different culture, but history says that it is the best way to achieve spiritual enlightenment. These drugs have various mental and visual hallucinations which can help you to calm yourself. The consumption should be restricted to the limited dose of Psychedelics.

The greatest saying

you have to grow from the inside out. none can teach you; none can make you spiritual. there is no other teacher but your soul. – Swami Vivekananda.

I have listed a few different ways to help you achieve spiritual enlightenment, though you may or may not acquire spiritual awakening by following these methods as it is an experience and everyone achieves it differently. But I can say the spiritual enlightenment can be considered as a soul purification system, which should be experienced once in a life by everyone.

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