May 24, 2019 Blog

What Is Spiritual Enlightenment or Spiritual Awakening


A spiritual awakening is the abiding re-connection with reality. It’s the common connection between the self and the divine. Sometimes, a spiritual awakening is a profound moment of clarity about something or some aspect of one's self. Sometimes, a spiritual awakening is a kind of collapse where someone finally lets go of something, and the truth is revealed. Ideally, spiritual awakening is the transition to the next level of awareness, sometimes referred to as Self Realization. Self Realization is the same as the splendor of Self Recognition.

In true sense self-realization is not a true enlightenment. Self-realization is recognizing self but it’s not enough to have spiritual awakening, although the self-realization may be in a grand form. Spiritual Enlightenment is not the result of self realization, in true sense it’s the opening of heart, and let the love of God enters into it. The positivity one individual hold within his heart and the freedom from negative thoughts is basically the spiritual enlightenment. The false self lives a false life—the true Self lives a true life—the difference is monumental! —something that’s rarely understood in its true context until the time of one’s spiritual awakening.

The spiritual awakening never believes on the process of becoming something else or through any pursuit. The process of spiritual enlightenment arrives through the way of effortlessly letting go.  It’s not the psyche labor. In this sense spiritual awakening is the realization that an individual’s life is connected with the divine power. There is a fine thread between the humanity and the divinity and this is the core reason of existence. So spiritual awakening takes place when an individual crosses the boundaries of being self, he cross the religious boundaries and he starts the search for being self and tries to find out his own personally connected spiritual experiences.

Spiritual awakening is the beginning of an individual’s ascent towards the true Self-knowledge, and your eventual self-emancipation from the illusions that have imprisoned your psyche in a servitude to a false self. Spiritual awakening is the sudden process of awakening. Here sudden process connotes that spiritual awakening come about through a sudden shock to an individual psyche, a near death experience, an unexpected epiphany, or more commonly, through a spiritually stirring experience that might arrive together with a moment of sheer exhaustion. This sheer exhaustion might have arrived due to accumulation of the false self or maintaining your ego identity.

A spiritual awakening is a sudden expansion or shift in consciousness, so it can’t be a understood in a broad sense. Similarly the spiritual enlightenment means a particular level of awakening or realization.  Both terms depends on the usage of the person. The definition of both the term is mysterious in every way and best way to deal with this mystery is to have own experience of shift of consciousness. While definitions of such things can be helpful, it can also be beneficial to not have too many concepts, which could interfere with your actual experience.

In short spiritual enlightenment means the discovery of true self. The eternal self we are. At the time of the birth, we get labeled with the various things about ourselves and these we often think that these labels are real. But the fact is that these labels are impermanent and transitory, so these labels cannot be the ultimate self. The only truth is that we are permanent and everything else changes.  So spiritual enlightenment is the discovery of our true or the real self.

Spiritual enlightenment is waking up to who we really are. The things with which we are being identified like our false ego or our false mental self, these can be changed and leads to mental suffering. When we wake up to whom we are, to the eternal being-ness from which everything comes and will return to, we realize that we don’t have to suffer and that we can live in the here and now. We will become aware of the ultimate self which is real, eternal, non dual and never changing. This discovery of these truths is called spiritual awakening.

Every minor realization cannot be taken as spiritual enlightenment. The state of realization is different and it varies from person to person. Here the most important thing to be noticed is that spiritual enlightenment is exclusive to every individual and must be experienced rather than to explain. It can be better understood in a way that individual must experience the intake of balanced nutrition rather than to read about.  So in this view point spiritual enlightenment is more of an experience to be lived than a concept to be understood.

Spiritual awakening happens when an individual becomes fully conscious of his or her true nature. The combined effect of various cosmic forces leads to spiritual awakening. The realization makes the individual more connected to universe and you can feel more connected to the soul and more harmony with the universe.

The spiritual awakening is the peeling off the ego. This leads to the more refined person. The deeper you get into your inner self, the deeper the silence gets. Spiritual enlightenment is undoubtedly the primary goal of most of the spiritual practices we undertake. Darkness can only be removed by the light; the spiritual awakening illuminates our life with unprecedented knowledge.

It helps out to overcome with ignorance and it casts a spell of eternal joy. When an individual faces the shift of awareness and encounter the non dual nature of reality, perfect harmony with the surrounding, then it can be consider to be spiritual awakening.

There is no defined path for spiritual enlightenment. There are different ways of spiritual enlightenment. Some attain through meditation, some feel divine connection while observing fasts. The ways may be different but the goal is same to attain the spiritual enlightenment.  So keep finding the life’s basic question and start searching for your eternal self.

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