June 5, 2019 Blog

Know the cricket players according to your own zodiac sign


An almost every person loves to read about astrology and if you are also one of them, then you should keep an eye on the life predictions of the celebrities. Most of the people follow the successful celebrities and you should also find out if their zodiac signs match with yours. There are some people who take zodiac signs really serious while some of them make fun of it. You can’t neglect the movement of stars and planets and their effect on life.  The personality of a person can be revealed with his/her birthday.

Cricketers are one of the most famous celebrities in the world and if you are also interested in know about the cricketer who has a similar zodiac sign as yours,   then you can read ahead. Here are some interesting facts about the cricketers who have zodiac signs similar to yours:


Muttiah Muralitharan has the sun sign Aries and he always wins matches with total modesty. His achievements represent his calm nature and he never cries for attention at all. The Aries people like to believe in their work instead of bragging about it.


Sachin Tendulkar can do his best as he has got a lot of abilities. It is believed that the people of Taurus sign can never do anything wrong and they are also never wrong in their predictions. Your family peers, and friends always look up to you and there are no chances that you will regret taking help of these cricketers.  


Shane Watson has a Gemini sign due to which he is the master of the group in every way. He always gets what he wants and there can’t be anyone like Gemini people. They can make anything possible in the world due to their powerful mental stability.  


Kevin Petersen is really famous for his dynamic personality and he is very well known for his work. The people of Cancer Zodiac sign can be loved or hated but they can’t be ignored by anyone due to their strong personality.


Rashid Khan belongs to Virgo sun sign who is a go-getter and he is one of the famous cricketers who always look forward to taking help of the professional cricketers. These people can turn everything into gold and they have a lucky future.


The famous cricketer from Sri Lankan team, Dilshan is Libran master and he has a creative mind. The Librans are really creative and they always look forward to making headlines in everything they do.


Shoaib Akhtar who is one of the fast bowlers in the world is very well-known for his powerful personality. The people with Leo zodiac sign are really intimidating and they always know how to use the weakness of opponent and strength of themselves.  


The scorpions always believe in winning and the same applies to Virat Kohli. He has got a dynamic personality and totally goal oriented. He is always focused on making a great career in his life. The famous cricketers never let anyone come between their goals and themselves.

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Rahul Dravid has the sun sign Capricorn and he is famous for his commitment according to his zodiac. You always like to give 100% in your work and in different situations. These people are the team player who leads the other players with their leadership skills.


Ricky Ponting is an Australian cricketer who loves to dominate as per his zodiac sign but in a positive way. It is amongst the birthright of Sagittarius people to dominate over others and they are never wrong in making decisions. You always believe that you are never wrong and you also prove it with your actions.


AB de Villiers is a creative man who always surprises people with his amazing gaming strategy. The Aquarius people are really talented and they don’t even know about their capabilities.


Pisces sun sign belongs to Shahid Afridi and he has worked hard to become aggressive in his matches. He is an overachiever and loves to win in every condition. The self-motivation of people under this zodiac sign is really strong.

So, these are the zodiac signs of the famous cricketers and you can know a little bit about your own personality by reading the zodiac signs.  You will definitely find that the behavior of these people match with yours in some way and this proves that you can also get success whenever you want in your life but you should work hard for it.