January 15, 2019 Blog

Holistic Nutrition


By: Bhavya

In the modern world, we are always at the borderline of being affected by different diseases. Basically, the lifestyle of the modern world are threat to our health. As meditation gives nourishment to our soul same the holistic nutrition takes the responsibility of our good health. Holistic health is an alternative approach towards life its not targeting the diseases but it targets the individual as a whole, the root causes of the present condition of the health and how an individual interact with the environment. Holistic medicine, or “holistic health”, is a belief that both the physical and mental aspects of life are closely connected and factor into the overall health and wellness of a person.

Meaning of Holistic Nutrition

Holistic nutrition is the modern natural approach to developing a healthy balanced diet while taking into account the person as whole. Holistic nutrition is considered to be part of holistic health. Holistic nutrition is eating healthy. Eating healthy refers to unrefined food wholesome grains, raw fruits, uncooked vegetables.  This approach considers eating for your well being and good health.

Benefits of Holistic Nutrition

The holistic nutrition promotes the statements of the Hippocrates, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,". By following a regular diet we all know that we are able to achieve the goals of lifestyle management and disease management. Some key benefits of holistic nutrition are

#Weight Management-proper nutrition will help an individual to maintain proper body mass index.

#Prevention of Diseases-Type 2 diabetes can be prevented with the holistic diet and exercise. Prevention of disease promotes health and wellness.

#Increased Energy Level-The holistic nutrition helps us with an increased energy level. The simple way to get this concept is that in common cooking we cut down the fruits and vegetables and then process it, but according to holistic nutrition an individual should consume the whole food without alteration. The bodies know how to break them and utilize them for maximum energy potentials.

# Improved digestion and relief from constipation-Consumption of whole food and grains helps to improve proper digestion and relief from constipation.

#Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure levels-The balanced diets of nutrition reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in our body and maintains blood pressure level.

#Balanced sugar levels-The insulin level is regulated with holistic diet and of course maintains balanced sugar levels.

#Strengthened immune system-The immune system is a complex network of tissues and cells that protects us from diseases and the holistic nutrition helps us to strengthen our immune system by maintaining cell life cycle protests us from illness and of course provides increased wellness.

#Improved skin tone and texture-When we chew raw food and vegetables the whole jaw movements stimulates our facial muscles and through our holistic diet we can get improved skin tone and texture too.

#Maintains emotional regulation-The optimum hormonal balance is achieved through holistic diets. The carbohydrates and proteins stimulates our thyroid functioning smoothly and maintains a balanced affective valence.

#Improved sleep quality-with the holistic nutrition our body mind and soul, three important aspects are satisfied and we get sound sleep and improved wellness too.


Essential  nutrients of your body needs

#  Water.


#Protein-Amino acids.

# Fat.

# Vitamins.


#Omega-3 fatty acids

Three Basics of Holistic Health

#Eat Right-This means not only the daily recommended servings and proportions of fruits and veggies, proteins, grains, and dairy. Food containing processed form of high level sugars and artificial flavors adversely affect our health. It supplies very liitle nutritional value and chemicals have side effects too. So eat right means to avoid such food and selection of unprocessed and healthy food.

#Move- the holistic health concepts increased the awareness of people regarding the physical activity. The sedentary life style is always hazardous to our health. So we should keep on moving after every meal. We should avoid electronic gadgets too to keep our selves physically active. So keep on moving , burning calories and enjoy healthier life. Even a 7 minutes of healthy movement is enough to make your life healthy.

#Stay True to yourself-  Our body responds to stress, dishonesty in the same way as the intake of unhealthy drinks and food items. So instead of walking away try to adapt coping life style in a best way and maintain the inner balance so that you can positively increase your mental health. Poor health results from not just blood and cell function. It happens from divorce, poverty, unemployment, overworking, and other hard life circumstances or imbalances that cause stress. As our physical health is important same way mental health is also very important. Take good care of yourself- meditation and proper sleep are better than taking pills.

Holistic Nutrition and wellness

Other than serious illness, however, holistic health care depends upon wellness and prevention, the focus on achieving life balance within the self and with others and the planet. To achieve balance, the approach is on promoting health through mindful eating and self-awareness, avoiding environmental and social toxins to live well, by making lifestyle changes that enhance strength and happiness. It’s about lifestyle choices, exercise, and eating right. It’s about energy and positivism about taking care of yourself through connection of mind, body, and spirit.

So, the term “health” is not so rigid as to mean an absence of illness or so physical- focused as to mean athleticism. It’s about working toward that healthy balance of personal and public. It’s about self-care through education, and sometimes, it’s recovering through the help of a team of professionals.