The Nodes of the Moon: Spiritual Life Lessons

The Nodes of the Moon: Spiritual Life Lessons

By: Bhavya

In the common understanding nodes are not a celestial objects or planets they are simply the mathematical points where the sun, moon and the stars intersect each other at the time of an individual’s birth.

In astrology, your life purpose is encoded in the north node and south node of the moon. The lunar nodes are directly opposite each other in the chart. They aren’t planets, but rather mathematical points on the chart that fall in two opposite zodiac signs.




Astrologers use the lunar nodes to determine where your destiny lies (north node) and what you were in past lifetimes (south node). The nodes change signs every 18 months approximately. People born within your same lunar node group are like your “soul tribe.” You incarnated with to learn the same lessons. The lunar nodes help us answer questions like: What am I supposed to do with my life? Why am I here and what’s my mission? What was I in a past life?.

The theory behind the Nodes of the Moon (the North Node and South Node)suggests that we all come into this world with some underdeveloped and overdeveloped aspects of our character.



The North Node points to a key lesson in our lives. It represents new experiences towards which we must aim during this life. If you look at your zodiac signs associated with the north nodes you will discover the qualities inside your where you have to work on. When you come out from your comfort zone and work on such qualities that will be the biggest challenge in your life. Once you enhance such qualities your will reach the satisfaction level in your life. The north node is basically the opposite zodiac sign of your south node. According to general life assumptions, people often began to confront and work on their north node in the thirties, unless and until they are aware of their north node with the help pf astrology. The section on the Nodes of the Moon offers practical solutions for releasing past karma based on our positions of the Moon’s Nodes by sign and house. The north node is always unkown to us. The nodes stay in one sign of the Zodiac for approx a year and a half. So the people born in that time span are our Soul group. In approx 18 years the cycle repeats, so people born 18 years apart from us share the same lunar node sign, and are also aligned to our Soul group. The north node is the exact opposite zodiac sign of the south node.



The South Node reveals the gifts that you bring into this lifetime, your sweet spot, your comfort zone. According to the astrology those who are born 9 years apart  are our opposite and we may find strong attraction for them. According to astrology the south node is the inner strengths and weakness that a person have innate. Some feelings are natural in all of us, they are associated with our past lives and from the years down they have became the part of our soul. The zodiac sign associated with your south node is directly opposite the sign associated with your north node. In practical life we should concentrate on the north node or the powerful characteristics of the ruling north node. As once we enhance the core traits of our personality then only our soul purpose is completed in the present lives and that we become that what we should be in our present life.



The nodes are the opposite signs and both have different planets that rules them. The important factor is how the specific planets are working and the relationship between such planets. The lunar nodes are determined by the points where the moon’s orbit crosses the “ecliptic”—the apparent path the sun makes around the earth. Fear is associated with south node. The north node is presented by inflow traits. Once we achieve the inner balance of our soul then the life will bring satisfaction and happiness.

The best possible way is to calculate the north node and south node is by the astrological calculator. Once you know the correct timing of your birth use the available calculator and start working on the different nodes and their ruling planets. The north nodes associated to your zodiac sign is opposite of the south node. You can refer the chart. These signs are opposite.

  1. Aries-Libra
  2. Taurus-Scorpio
  3. Gemini-Sagittarius
  4. Cancer-Capricorn
  5. Leo-Aquarius
  6. Virgo-Pisces


The North Node and South Node are always in opposite zodiac signs but the North Node and South Node meanings are always connected. The lunar nodes are the point in our chart that show a journey towards our aspiration (North Node) balanced with our innate strengths and habitual responses (South Node).  A basic example would be a natal South Node located in the third house in Gemini with a stellium including the Sun located in the same house. This individual’s core function would be linked to communicating and distributing information and there may also be a focus on relationships with siblings.

The South Node here would indicate that there are talents in this area and this would perhaps come quite easy to the individual, however with the north node in Sagittarius the aim would be to gain a higher vision, perhaps through travel, cross-cultural experiences and higher learning in order to balance the South Nodes function in Gemini. The stellium’s positioning near the South Node makes it all the easier for the individual to pull on the south node traits, perhaps ignoring the necessity in seeking a broader perspective, but a conscious effort and understanding of the balance needed to integrate the two would give this person the potential of finding the nodal tipping point.


We try to find out the purpose in our lives from different angles until we achieve the satisfaction level. The theory behind the life purpose suggests that in order to find the purpose of life we should try to maintain the inner balance. In this whole world the individual have some overdeveloped and underdeveloped characteristics which makes us different from each other commonly known as traits should work on our underdeveloped traits try to find the Karmic Balance find happiness in life.