January 11, 2019 Blog



By: Bhavya

India is a country where astrology and belief in horoscopes has been always respected and followed by generations. People do follow horoscope predictions and always try to get out of the problems due to any changes in the horoscopes. People do go to astrologers and ask them about their future and different aspects of their lives like marriage, relationships, professional lives, love, parents, earnings, etc. One of the major issues related to horoscope that creates a tense situation for people is having mangalik or mangal dosh in their horoscope.


Mangal dosh is one of the most discussed things in Indian society. It is a major thing or dosh in your kundali that need to be checked. The Mangal Dosh is also known as Kuja Dosh, Bhom Dosh or Angarakha Dosh.Mars is a planet of wars and holds a special place in Astrology. The positioning of the planet Mars (mangal in hindi) in certain houses of your kundali , which is supposed to have a great impact on your married life and the family after and before marriage is known as mangal dosh. According to the Hindu astrology, if the person is having mangal ruling in their horoscope, need to perform long religious rituals so that they can bring happiness and prosperous in their life and their spouse life as well. It is very important to check whether the person is mangalik or non mangalik because if a non-mangalik gets married to a mangalik person then the person is bound to die.


As already discussed about the consequences of non-mangaliks getting married to a mangalik persons, so it is very important to check with the kundalis about their mangal dosh. Now , the question that comes in our mind that how can we identify the mangalik kundali? So, here is the answer to your question. In human horoscope, there are about 12 houses in total. If Mars is positioned in the 1st,2nd,4th,7th,8th and 12th house of the chart mentioned in the horoscope, then the person is under the mangal dosh. Basically, these people are under the negative influence of planet Mars.

There are different effect over people having different position of Mars in their horoscope, so let us give an eye to the different positions of Mars in horoscope:-

  • There are high chances of violence and conflicts when the person is having Mars in the 1st house of their horoscope.
  • The positioning of Mars in the 2nd house of the horoscope, may affect the family of the people troubling marriage and professional life.
  • It is observed that the people have trouble in their professional life and many switching when the Mars is positioned in 4th house of the horoscope.
  • The person is considered to be ill tempered if the Mars is positioned in the 7th house of the horoscope of the concerned person.
  • When the Mars is positioned in the 8th house of the horoscope, then the person has chances from being away from elders and loose paternal property.
  • The person is said to have mental illness and has financial losses to his or her enemies, if the Mars is positioned in the 12th house of the horoscope.


As we know there is solution to every problem, what we need to do is just check out for the solution to the problems. Similarly, there are remedies to minimize the negative influence of planet Mars on our horoscopes. Below mentioned are few remedies that may help you :-

  • Try to marry a mangalik person to another mangalik person; this may null the negative effect of Mars, leading to a successful married life and happiness forever.
  • A mangalik person should do fasting on every Tuesday, this is one of the most effective solutions in reducing the Mangal dosh.
  • Girls who are mangalik should perform Kumbh Vivaah. In this, the girls need to marry banana tree or peepal tree for reducing mangal dosh. At times, the girls are also get married to Lord Vishnu which is also an effective ritual which reduces the mangal dosh.
  • Persons with mangal dosh should donate red clothes to workers who work with sharp items.
  • The intensity of the Mangal dosh can come down if the person gets married after the age of 28.
  • People also believe that performing pooja at the Mangal Nath temple Ujjain reduces the intensity of mangal dosh.
  • The person having mangal dosh should go to various Navagraha Temple, to reduce the inetensity of Mangal Dosh.
  • The persons having Mangal Dosh should chant Navagraha Mantra already known as Mangal Mantra. This also reduces the intensity of Mangal Dosh.
  • The person should keep an ivory tooth of an elephant at their homes which helps in reducing the effect of Mangal Dosh.
  • The person having Mangal Dosh should keep an orange coloured idol of Lord Ganesha in their worshipping room.