Top 12 football players that suit your personality according to your zodiac sign

By: Bhavya

In a layman language, one can say zodiac signs studies the personality type and of course the relations between them. According to astrology, it is believed that people have strong pre-determined personalities.

List OF 12 Famous Football Players and their personality traits according to their Zodiac Signs


#Wojciech Szczęsny

Date of Birth-18 April 1990


Sun sign-Aries

The Arians are quite bold and they always want to make the first move in everything. This zodiac sign is ruled by Mars, so the Arians want to chase. They are thrill chasers. They are very impatient personality. The positive traits are they will come forward to take a risk, they are very energetic and adventurous. Overall Wojciech Szczęsny, is very generous to his love, money and time. They are very passionate about nature.


Andrés Iniesta

Date of Birth-11 May 1984


Sun Sign-Taurus

The ruling planet is Venus. So they are easily moved by prettiest face. Like Taurus manAndrés Iniesta too may even be slightly predictable, but then, stability often comes at a price. The Taurus men believe in money making and saving. They appreciate all types of creativity, music and art too.

# Gemini

Arturo Vidal

Date of Birth-22 May 1987


Sun Sign-Gemini

The Geminis are very good at communication skills. They love to text and are very happy all the time. Gemini is the sign of twins so the core traits is that they sometimes love two important things in life at the same point of time. They love the company of females and often its turns into intimate relations.


Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini

Date of birth-24 June 1987

Nationality- Argentine

Sun Sign-Cancer

The Cancerians are very straightforward. They are family men. Love to spend time with family. They are a little bit overprotective. They are moderate, emotional, sweet, gentle and considerate. The Cancerian men are romantic. Messi too met his wife (Antonella Roccuzzo) when he was nine and she was eight. It happened in the house of Lucas Scaglia, cousin of Antonella and companion of soccer of Leo.

# Leo

Giorgio Chiellini

Date of birth-24 August 1984


Sun Sign-LEO

The Leo Man prefers to have a beautiful, chic girl on his arm and in his bed, confirming his belief that he is the God's gift to women. The Leo men are shy. They are extravagant at times. They love to spend on fashion and gives lots of importance to his appearance.


Laurent Koscielny

Date of Birth-10, September 1985


Sun Sign-Virgo

The sign is ruled by mercury. The Virgo men love beauty with brain. They are very critical about everything. They are romantic and versatile. They are very keen dressing sense. He is a healer, and capable of giving comfort to those in need - he will frequently offer a shoulder for others to cry on. It is in Koscielny's nature to take on responsibility, to fill the void left by others, and to not turn away from personal sacrifice, albeit at times, he may feel overburdened by the travails of others. However, the love others bestow upon him is his well-deserved reward.


Mesut Özil,

Date of Birth-15 October 1988



The Libra men are born for love and are ready for it from a shockingly early age. They are very romantic. They do not focus on sexual relations they focus on true love and dreams of having a certain choice of a female in their lives. Like other Libra menOzil is also shy, humble and genius.

# Scorpio

Philipp Lahm

Date of Birth-11, November  1983

Nationality-German (Retired Football Player)

Sun Sign-Scorpio

Lahm and Lionel Messi are both complete footballers but only one of them has been described by Pep Guardiola as ‘the most intelligent player’ he has ever coached. Lahm is very quick decision maker and versatile. The Scorpio man is a strange, enigmatic being, and this trait gets even more accentuated when it comes to love. According to astrology sexuality is the core trait of scorpions.


Alexis Sánchez

Date of Birth-19 December 1988


Sun Sign-Sagittarius

Alexis Sánchez is a fierce, loyal and extrovert personality. Impulsive, optimistic Sagittarius is always sure that he has found true love, as and when he embarks on his latest relationship. The Sagittarius men are very caring and friendly. They are generous to all his loved ones.


Aaron Ramsey

Date of Birth-26 December 1990


Sun Sign-Capricorn

Aaron Ramsey is the 55th most popular contemporary football player and the 47th most famous. Aaron Ramsey is described by fans as A winner, Consistent, Level-headed, Dedication and Attractive. Since ages, astrologers have described the Goat as a social climber who is more interested in a girlfriend’s background and financial prospects than her hobbies and quirks. There might be some truth in that, but overall the Capricorn does have a smattering of romance in his soul. They are full of positive energy. They are mature.


#Cristiano Ronaldo

Date of birth-5th Feb 1985


Sun Sign-Aquarius

The Aquarius male is likely to be intelligent – even super intelligent – with wide-ranging interests, which could include philosophy, computers, sport, chess, mathematics and traveling. It will obviously help if you are also clever and an achiever. This man likes modern women who are in-control and independent. He is never afraid that his masculinity will be compromised. Ronaldo was in a romantic relationship with Russian supermodel Irina Shayk for five years from 2010 to 2015.

# Pisces

Simone Padoin

Date of Birth-19 March 1984


Sun Sign-Pisces

Padoin isn't flashy. In fact, he's pretty much the complete opposite of it. His skill set is limited, and at 29 years of age, it isn't like he's going to suddenly become a drastically different player than the one he currently is. When you compare him to other players on the Juventus roster — not just those at the right wing-back position — his skills are just that much more restricted. Idealistic, dreamy, Pisces is like one of the Romantic poets in love. An affair can be lived largely through his imagination. The Pisces man are forgiver and very kind.