December 20, 2018 Blog

Deepika Padukone’s Life & Career Via Astrological Aspect


By: Starzspeak Desk

Name: Deepika Padukone

Date of Birth: 5th January, 1986

Time of Birth: 02:39 AM

Place of Birth: Copenhagen, Kobenhavn, Denmark

Longitude: 12 E 34

Latitude: 55 N 41

Moon Sign: Libra

Ascendant: Libra

Star Constellations (Nakshatra): Swati

Sun Sign (Western): Capricorn

Sun Sign (Indian): Sagittarius

Talking about shining actresses in Bollywood, we cannot miss one name right now “Deepika Padukone”. No doubt, she is beautiful, talented and hard-working and attractive. Her acting career is kissing the zenith in back years, we all witnessed that. Let us peep into her life and career through the high glass of astrology.

Personal Life (Traits, Family, and Love): Deepika is Libra native by moon sign and ascendant. She is gentle, generous and peace lover by her nature. She is balanced and knows how to tackle every challenging thing comes her way. When you are talking about romantic meter of Libra natives, they are damn romantic and Deepika is not an exception. She is driven by love and emotion in many corners of her life. She is charming, loves her family too much and knows how to precise and keep healthy every relationship.

As Deepika is a Libra native and Moon is placed in her ascendant, she is emotional and shares a strong bond with her mother (Moon indicates mother and relation with mother).

The placement of Mars in her ascendant makes her strong in mental as well as physical aspect.

Though, the combination of Moon and Ketu in her ascendant compels her to undergo unknown worries.

Career: Deepika possesses a strong personality. Yes, she is emotional in her work-front too. But, the position of Mars along with Moon and Ketu make her as strong as she looks like.

She is full of energy and ready to achieve her goals anyhow. Mars in ascendant shows this sign. This connection also made her athlete. The seventh house lord Mars in the first house gives her confidence to face challenges. Mars in the first house truly benefits for her career. Due to the placement of Mars in her ascendant, she attains lots of fame and earns a big amount of money.

Rahu denotes “Maya” or attraction towards the material. Rahu in the seventh house in the birth chart of Deepika Padukone shows her avid interest in making wealth. The 7th house Rahu also denotes a huge fame for her in short period of time.  

Mercury is auspicious for Libra natives and the case is same for actress Deepika. Mercury is the 9th and 12th lord and is placed in the 3rd house in Deepika’s chart. The placement of Mercury again proven auspicious for her and it favors her career and luck strappingly.

Jupiter is placed in her tenth house, Capricorn (It is one of the Kendra placements). This placement provides an impulse in her career in a rapid way. She is running through Jupiter mahadasha.

Her upcoming Mahadasha, Saturn Mahadasha denotes that she may take a break from her acting career and concentrate in her family life.

The combination of Venus, Sun and Mercury in the third house gives her tenacity to achieve success in life. It also shows her great interest in acting and modeling profession and that she had done with precision and dedication.

Saturn in her second house shows that she can earn a lot and save a lot.

Yogas Deepika Has in Her Birth Chart:

  • Gaja Kesari Yoga
  • Amala-Kirti Yoga
  • Budh-Aditya Yoga
  • Dhana Yoga

Prediction for Upcoming Year 2019:

Deepika will undergo a pleasant period of life. She got married earlier in the year 2018. Her family life, marriage life, health and professional front will remain peaceful and harmonious in 2019.

Her fame and reputation will improve. She will receive big budget offers too.

We wish her a prosperous life ahead with a lot of success.