Based On Your Zodiac Sign, Which Bollywood Actress Who Is Your Soul Sister!

By: Sonu Sharma

Aries are known to be creative, fighters and risk takers. Nothing other than Vidya Balan is the ideal soul sister for insightful aries

Taurus are very simple, sweet and strong individuals. They are very flexible and always open to learn new things. Artistic and talented Madhuri Dixit is the perfect soul sister for Taurus Women

Gemini are very smart, charming and unpredictable. They love fashion and high society parties. Charming and Intelligent Sonam Kapoor truly showcases Geminis character and is the ideal soul sister for them.

Cancer are very family oriented and give lot of time and importance to their family. Traditional and family oriented Shraddha Kapoor is the perfect soul sister for Cancerian women

Leos are very confident and bold and they are born to perform. Charming and candid Anushka Sharma who speaks her mind and all the intelligent and straightforward Leos can relate to this.

Virgos are very fashionable and they are the inspiration for many people. Neha Dhupia Balan is the ideal soul sister for Virgos women

Librans are very diplomatic, smart, charming and down to earth people. Kareena Kapoor Khan, a perfect mixture of beauty and brain is the perfect soul sister for Libran women

Scorpians are very dominating, commanding and graceful. They have a very understanding nature and they are always ready to help others. None other than Aishwarya Rai is the ideal soul sister for Scorpian women.

Sagittarius are very intense, insightful and bold. Kalki Koechlin is the best example for this and she is the perfect soul sister for Sagittarius women

Capricorns are very organised, well balanced and highly intelligent people. They well know how to maintain balance between personal and professional life. Beautiful and bold Deepika Padukone is the one with whom all Capricorn’s women can relate to.

Aquarians are very strong and hardworking people. They are silent workers who do their work with full dedication. Katrina Kaif is the perfect soul sister for Aquarius women

Pisces are very unique and honest. None other than Sonakshi Sinha is the perfect soul sister for Pisces women