November 10, 2018 Blog

Lucky stone for Sagittarius


By: Manmeet Kaur Tura

Sagittarius is known for their strength, strong will power, honesty and adventure seeking soul. They are kind, courageous, frank, and generous and are extremely enthusiastic about culture, intellectual exploration, travels and creative tasks. Freedom is a key that they cannot lose no matter what.

Sagittarius is a sun sign that possesses highest human aspirations and optimism. The lucky stone of this sign is Turquoise. This stone is opaque to the earth and has the incredible power to lift the spirit. Wearing the turquoise gemstone helps to get a sense of spiritual awakening and inner guidance. It helps an individual to focus on the worthy pursuits in life.

The bearer of this gemstone can reap the energies of Jupiter which is the ruling planet of Sagittarius. The definite color and crystalline characteristics of this stone help an individual to stay focused towards the positivity in life.

Lucky Stone for Sagittarius Men-

The best gemstone for the Sagittarian male is turquoise. Turquoise symbolizes blue sea and also the blue sky. Wearing turquoise helps you to gain success in the new ventures of life and at the same time it also signifies expansion and growth. It also helps to gain prosperity and success and helps achieve affluence and happiness in life. Due to the copper content in the stone it also heals diseases and has some rare curative properties that are very effective. If you are suffering from throat and lung problems, infections and breathing problems by wearing this stone you can get relieved from them. If not turquoise they can also choose from the other gemstones including blue zircon, citrine, lapis lazuli, ruby, beryl and topaz.

Lucky Gemstones for Sagittarius Woman

The lucky gemstone of a Sagittarian woman is blue topaz. The word Topaz has its origin from its Sanskrit name ‘tapas’. This stone is apt for the sentimental nature of Sagittarian women. The original stone is earth white and is treated to get its blue color. Since the color that is best suited for a Sagittarian woman is blue topaz. By wearing this gemstone it adds stability and calmness to one’s life. The other options in gemstones include amethyst, ruby, sapphire, turquoise, blue topaz, ruby, and citrine.

The lucky gemstone for the Sagittarius moon sign women is yellow sapphire. It is suggested that you must make sure to get a fine quality original gemstone without any flaws for the best results from this stone.  One must get a two-carat blue sapphire, set it in a gold ring and wear it on the index finger. The mantra to chant for magnifying the powers of this stone is ‘Om Gram Grim Graum Gurave Namah’.

Sagittarius specific features:

People born in the period of Nov. 22 - Dec. 1 are influenced by Mercury. They are brave, courageous, independent and rational. They are enthusiastic hunters and sportsmen. 
Lucky stones: agateamethystlapis lazuli, nephrite, quartz, sapphirine, hawk's-eyetigers eyejasper 
important years: 36, 40. 

People born in the period of Dec. 2 - Dec. 11 are influenced by the Moon. They are men of moods, have creative imagination and love to take a trip. 
Lucky stones: turquoiseonyxopalsardonyxchalcedony, chrysoprase. 
Important years: 15, 30, 40, 45, 60. 

People born in the period of Dec. 12 - Dec. 21 are influenced by Saturn. They are persistent, sensitive and love lavishness. 
Lucky stones: jacinthgarnetemerald, ruby, sapphire, topazchrysolitezircon
Important years: 19, 36, 38, 40, 45, 57, 75.