November 8, 2018 Blog

How to chant OM in yoga Astrology


By: Manmeet Kaur Tura

"Om" or "Aum" is a spiritual and rather relieving word that is considered to universally exist within every word, being and thing. The word has its origin in Hinduism and Buddhism, and the chant is used to increase the effectiveness and concentration in yoga. Chanting this sound helps you relieve your stress and tensions and also has implications on keeping your body calm and mind free. Take out time from your schedule and meditate while chanting the word silently or aloud.  Silent chanting is however considered more effective as in this case you do not rely on external factors such as the voice box, facial muscles or lips.

Step 1- Meditate Aloud-

Set a time of day for chanting. The most ideal time for doing so is early in the morning. However, if you have late night shifts or for any other reason choose a time that suits you and the time when you are relaxed and relieved from any workload. As per the Vedas sunrise and sunset are great times for deep meditation.

Avoid chanting Om right after a meal.


Decide how long you will chant. You have the liberty to decide how long you wish to chant. Set a timer so that you do not get distracted by focusing on the clock. Continue chanting even after the timer goes off.  

You may choose to chant from anything between five minutes, ten minutes, or half an hour.


Find a calm place to sit in a comfortable position. Choose a place with minimal distractions and sit on the ground cross legged or on the bed with the back straight. Keep your eyes closed.

Set a permanent quiet location specifically for meditating, like a corner of your bedroom or a separate room.


Think about what Om represents before chanting. While chanting you have to specifically control your senses and focus on the word Om that represents the whole universe. It is the very foundation of the existence of life in any form. Om covers all time periods, from the past through to the present and into the future. Om is not just a word but it is the oneness of mind, body and spirit with the universe.


Relax. You need not worry about anything not even about the way you chant Om. Just don’t worry and relax. Om is considered to be the vibration of the universe that no human voice can reproduce exactly. So just focus on chanting the word effortlessly and do not focus on the technique of breaking the word.

This shall take time until you clear your mind of thoughts and chant without any thoughts disturbing you.

Om is a feeling rather than a word or a thought and  once you master the process you will feel the immense positivity it carries with itself.


Breathe normally. Repeat Om in a slow, cadenced way when you exhale. You don’t have to chant it every time that you exhale. All you need to do is match the length of each chant to the time period of your natural exhale.  

For example while you chant Om, you can take a breath or two, and then chant again.



Pronounce Om. The “O” sounds like the “a” sound in the word “law,” combined with the “u” sound in the word “suit.” Merge the “m” into the end. These sounds should all sync together into a single sound similar to the “ome” in “chrome.”

  • Om consists of four sounds: “a,” “u,” “m,” and the silence that follows.
  • Give equal measure to each sound.


Draw the sound from your navel. While you chant Om allow the vibration of the sound rise upward slowly until it rings in your nostrils. Don’t try and do it mechanically let it come naturally over time.

Step2- Chant silently

Chanting Om silently is rather easily. All you have to do is find a quiet place and relax to chant it in your mind. You do not need to move your lips either does the duration of the chant need to be very long. It can be as short as 2 minutes.

Step3- Chant in Groups

You can also find Om chanting groups online in your location and join them to chant in groups. It develops a healthy experience. There are more than 500 Om chanting groups around the world you can also be a part of one.

Chanting in groups is fun and easier although sometimes may be distracting but over time it develops a very strong concentration and coordination skills.