January 1, 2018 Blog

7 ways to recognize Aries


Is your friend rash and too honest? Do they follow “me first” attitude and are a perfectionist like Amir Khan. Then you surely have an Aries friend. If you do not believe me then decide for yourself.Here are 7 ways to recognize Aries and you can actually do without knowing their date of birth. Just observe their actions and guess their zodiac sign

Physical Appearance- Sharp features with well-marked eyebrows; quick, sturdy movement and broad shoulders. These people are easy to locate in a crowd because of their confident personality.

Body gesture and posture- If you know a person, who leads a conversation,gives a firm handshake, with a forceful manner and has all the leadership qualities then the chances are that they are born in the month of April.

Strong personalities- Aries are strong personalities and never back out from arguments.  They support idealistic cause and defend the underdogs. If you ever see an individual angrily talking to a cop or army officer the chances are that they are Aries.

Fearlessly Stupid , brave and daredevils- People born in the month of April are ready to take risks and are constantly looking for adventure. They will never back out from a challenge – this is their strongest as well as weakest point.

Truth lover-  Raja Harishchandra ki aulad if you think this about a person then be assured that the person is an Aries. Aries hate when they are lied to. Their existence seems incomplete without sach

Generous, dominating, liberal and straightforward- Aries donate and engage ina lot of charity work- not the superficial ones. They are very critical and want everything to be perfect. They are straightforward and will never shy away from stating the truth.

Rash Behaviour- Aries born are accident prone and their rash behaviour brings injury to the head or face. Severe cuts and burns mar their face. They frequently suffer from skin rashes, painful knee caps and stomach disorders.


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