January 1, 2018 Blog

Sex Life of Zodiac Signs



Chances are that Aries will get quickly infatuated. Their passions will be momentary and not for a long term. Aries will keep looking for sexual challenges and conquests.


They will find their sensual partners but may face problems with their over possessiveness. There are chances of short term loneliness as well.


Sexually charged - Gemini love talking, reading and thinking about sex. Their sexual experiences will be high. They enjoy sexual endeavours and have high expectations from their partners.


Their own ideas of body image and lack of confidence will be a hindrance in their sex life. They are on a look out to satisfy their emotional needs as well which may leave them unsatisfied.


Leos concern about the well- being of their sexual partners makes Leo special. Their sex life includes loyalty, love and passion. Flirting with others will deeply impact their sex life.


Sensual, intellectual and voyeuristic- Virgos’ sex life will be adventurous. Their ability to over think and over analyse will be a problem. They will explore their kinky and promiscuous side.


Flirtatious, charming and self sacrificing- Libras’ sex life will be great this year. Talk to them about your sex adventures and they will explore every dimension.


Fearless and intensely passionate- Scorpio’ will fully satisfy their partners. Their aim is to please and their strong personalities will be a turn on for their partners.


Honest and fun loving, Sagittarius love sexual activities. They appear to have an innocent and awkward attitude towards sex but this is not true. Ready to experiment, Sagittarius brings together their love for sex and their love for travelling.


Self-controlled and ambitious, Capricorn would prefer using their energies in some other activity.


Sexually creative, sensual and open minded- Aquarius will have an exploring sex life.


Pisces will amaze you with their multi-tasking even in sex life. Let your inhibitions go with your Pisces sex partner.


Keep reading this space to know more about your zodiac signs.