January 1, 2018 Blog

5 Signs that you are a Diehard Sagittarian?


Sagittarians are known to carry their own style, which makes them stand out of the crowd. Open-minded, liberal and helpful are the traits people know you for. Your fire sign attributes to your outlook which is bold, fearless and carefree.
-You are blunt and honest: People often judge you because of your blunt nature. You have tried a lot to control your thoughts before spewing out of your mouth, but you are way too honest. People find you insensitive towards them.
-Always looking for a new adventure: You get bored easily. Mundane schedules are not for you, they turn you restless. You are always looking for some adventure. “Adventure” is an answer to all your queries.
- You are generous: You are way too generous. Your extremely generous nature, often puts you in a difficult situation.
-You are optimistic: You have your bad days and you often feel cynical but then you know how to bounce back from hardships more easily than most people. “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but rising every time you fall.”
This quote describes you totally.
You are highly introspective: You examine things /situation/ideas thoroughly. You are into the idea of self-improvement. You often analyze yourself and try to change your pattern. This is one of your greatest quality.
To all the Sagittarians. Here, we go.