Purnima 2023

Purnima 2023| Purnima 2023 Tithi & Timings

According to the Hindu calendar, Purnima 2023 occurs on the Antim Tithi (final day) of Shukla Paksha each month. In addition, one of the causes of this is the Hindu necessary fast, which is observed on Purnima Day every month.

Purnima 2023 has several names depending on where you are. It is known as Pournima in some regions and Purnmasi in others. Nonetheless, despite the variations in nomenclature, the significance of this day is regarded universally. There is a tradition of charity, giving, virtues, puja, recitation, and fasting on the day of Purnima Tithi. Because of this, a lot of people make pilgrimages, bathe in holy waters, and engage in charitable endeavors to the best of their abilities on this day.


We shall list every Purnima Tithi that falls in the year 2023 in this unique Strazspeak post for Purnima 2023. Now, let's also consider the significance of Purnima Tithi from an astrological and scientific perspective. We'll discuss when Purnima Tithi falls in 2023 and how long it lasts, as well as the full specifics of the Puja and Fasting ceremonies that will take place on this day.

2023: List of Purnima Days with Times

Let's first determine when Purnima 2023 will be observed this year before moving on to talk about the dates of Purnima. We are here to give you all the necessary information. You may learn more about the Purnima Tithi here, broken down each month.

Tithi Date & Day Time Duration
Purnima January 2023 Posh Purnima 06 January, 2023 Friday Purnima Tithi till 28:37
Purnima February, 2023 Magh Purnima 05 February, 2023 Sunday Purnima Tithi till 23:58
Purnima March 2023 Falgun Purnima 07 March, 2023 Tuesday Purnima Tithi till 18:08
Purnima April 2023 Chetra Purnima 06 April, 2023 Thursday Purnima Tithi till 10:02
Purnima May2023 Vaishakh Purnima 05 May, 2023 Friday Purnima Tithi till 23:01
Purnima June 2023 Jyeshtha Purnima 04 June, 2023 Sunday Purnima Tithi till 09:09
Purnima July 2023 Ashadh Purnima 03 July, 2023 Monday Purnima Tithi till 17:05
Purnima August 2023 Ashadh Purnima 01 August, 2023 Tuesday Purnima Tithi till 24:00
Purnima August 2023 Ashadh Purnima 31 August, 2023 Thursday Purnima Tithi till 07:05
Purnima September 2023 Bhadrapadh Purnima 29 September, 2023 Friday Purnima Tithi till 15:29
Purnima October 2023 Ashwin Purnima 28 October, 2023 Saturday Purnima Tithi till 25:55
Purnima November 2023 Kartik Purnima 27 November, 2023 Monday Purnima Tithi till 14:49
Purnima December 2023 Margsheersha Purnima 26 December, 2023 Tuesday Purnima Tithi till 30:03

Meaning of Purnima in 2023 From An Astrological And Scientific Perspective

From an astrological and scientific perspective, the Purnima Tithi is significant since many well-known people were born on that day and will celebrate their birthdays on Purnima in 2023. The Purnima Tithi in astrology has a great deal of significance because there are many other significant and auspicious holidays that are observed. In addition, the moon is fully visible on Purnima day, which is why it directly affects the mind and soul.

If we were to discuss the significance from a scientific perspective, we would learn that researchers think the moon attracts water to itself. Since the human body contains roughly 70% water, it is not a secret that people's behavior frequently alters on the day of Purnima.

If someone makes a journey and worships god on the day of Purnima in 2023, all of their past-life sins and current-life transgressions will be erased. However, if you are unable to make a pilgrimage, you can still receive wonderful benefits by soaking in water that has had a few drops of Gangajal added to it and taking a bath.

Along with this, performing tarpan on Purnima is thought to be very fortunate. Many deities are thought to have assumed human form on the day of Purnima, according to Hindu scriptures. Purnima 2023 Tithi is made more significant and fruitful by all of these elements.

Some Valuable Information About the Purnima Fast

On Purnima, many individuals observe fasting. Let's examine some of the crucial information about the Purnima fast that is necessary to know.

Individuals who plan to fast on Purnima 2023 should begin one day early—specifically, from Chaturdashi Tith—to ensure a successful fast. Yet, everything hinges on the day that the Purnima Tithi starts. Depending on whether Purnima begins with Madhyahna, Purnima Chaturdashi will then commence.

It is thought that if Chaturdashi Tithi exceeds Madhya Kaal or Madhyahna, it will contaminate Purnima Tithi.

In North India, Purnima Tithi is referred to as the full moon. Yet, the South's regions define it somewhat differently. Purnima is referred to as Purnima Day in this culture, and the fast performed on this day is referred to as Purnami Vratam. On this day, fasting is observed from morning until sunset. To be observed for the Purnima Vrat, however, may alter according to regional beliefs and practices.

Meaning of Purnima is The Full Moon Day

The Tithi has an enormous meaning in astrology. The link between the sun and the moon is known as a tithi. The moon makes this one tithi by moving in front of or towards the sun every 12 degrees. The dates in one lunar month are split into two groups. The first one begins on Amavasya and lasts until Chaturdashi or Purnima, while the second one starts on Purnima and lasts until the following Amavasya. A new tithi forms as the moon gradually begins to move away from the Sun.

Tithi changes with every 12-degree position. The moon is totally visible from Earth when the sun is diagonally opposite it; this phase is called Purnima.

This means that during Amavasya, the Shukla Paksha is determined, and the Krishna Paksha is determined after the moon begins to decrease during the second half of Purnima.

The night of Purnima 2023 is the one when the moon is fully formed or fully visible. The moon takes a few days to reach its final shape, but every month there is a day when it does, and that night is referred to as Purnima or full moon night.

Purnima night is also thought to be a very good omen in Hindu culture and Vedic astrology. Purnima day is included in the list of auspicious days.

Many individuals follow fasts on this day, which is celebrated in many different ways, and ask God to bless them with luck and positivity. On the day of Purnima, it is thought that fasting makes one spiritual, improves one's outlook on life, and calms the mind.

Aside from this, Purnima 2023 is regarded as auspicious and fruitful for beginning any new work or enterprise. To put it simply, the day of Purnima is regarded as auspicious in comparison to another auspicious muhurta.

Purnima 2023 has great significance in Hindu astrology. The moon is the day's supreme ruler when we are discussing Purnima. The element of Purnima is water. Saturn is Purnima's governing planet. Purnima is ranked first out of five divisions.