Amavasya 2023

Amavasya 2023 Tithi

Starzspeak's "Amavasya 2023 Special" This article will include a schedule of every new moon that will occur in 2023. In order to further equip you with the knowledge you require, we will also cover the significance of Amavasya 2023 Tithi in this article, as well as the rituals that are performed on this day and the several Amavasya 2023 days that occur throughout the year.

In addition, a lot of individuals think that the day of the new moon is unfortunate. This article is the finest source to find out how accurate this is since you are also receiving it here. Furthermore, you can considerably amplify the new moon's significance in your life by taking action on that day. The section on your personality, if you were born on the new moon day, is at the end of this article. Must continue reading.


Since Amavasya is the moon's darkest night, many people think it is bad luck to begin any new endeavors on this day. In Hinduism, no new work is carried out on the day of the new moon. Amavasya 2023, however, is also regarded as a fortunate day for tarpan, fasting, and ancestor worship. People worship Lord Vishnu on this day.

What Does The Term Amavasya Mean? When referring to this, the words "Ama" and "Vasya" mean to reside or live there.

In the month when the Moon is in the Sun's house, the Amavasya Tithi occurs. To put it another way, the Sun and Moon can both be seen from the same side of the Earth.

It is advisable to avoid carrying out any auspicious undertakings on this day as it is the blackest, including planned pregnancies, home entry, land or property purchases, jewelry purchases, significant journeys, naming ceremonies, and significant commercial transactions.

Amavasya's Importance In Hindu Calendar

Amavasya has unique religious importance in Hinduism. The holiday is regarded as the ideal opportunity to pay respects to one's departed relatives and ancestors, worship them, and offer prayers for the peace of their souls.

It is assumed that they can see in the sunlight when there is no moonlight. The belief that persons who pass away on the new moon day must return to live with their heirs and children also exists on this day.

The Vishnu Dharma Shastra deems this day to be patriarchal (Soul of the Ancestors). Most people view the new moon day as being exceedingly unfortunate. A person who is already mentally unstable will become much more unstable on the new moon day. Everything is being pulled towards the Moon on this day due to its gravitational pull. During the Amavasya Tithi, it is believed that the evil energies and powers of the earth are at their height.

When Amavasya 2023 Tithi falls on a Monday, it is given greater significance. Women are reported to conceive on this day if they follow certain fasting routines, etc. All of a person's requests are also fulfilled by keeping the fast of Amavasya Tithi, which falls on Monday.

Calendar for Amavasya 2023: Upcoming Amavasya 2023 Tithi

Below are the details for each Amavasya 2023 date. Also, you will discover the start date and duration of the new moon with this list.

Information: The dates listed below were mostly calculated using the Purnimanta Panchang calendar. This calendar is mostly used in the Indian states of Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh.

Date Amavasya Time
21 January, 2023 (Saturday) Darsh Amavasya, Magh Amavasya, Mauni Amavasya Magh, Krishna Amavasya Starting: 21/01/2023 Time: 06:17:48 a.m Ending: 20/02/2023 Time: 12:37:37 p.m
February 20, 2023 (Monday) Darsh Amavasya, Falgun Amavasya Falgun Amavasya Falgun, Krishna Amavasya Beginning: 19/02/2023 Time: 04:18:41 p.m Ending: 21/03/2023 Time: 10:55:16 p.m
21 March, 2023 (Tuesday) Darsh Amavasya, Chetra Amavasya Chetra, Krishna Amavasya Starting: 21/03/2023 Time: 01:47:33 a.m Ending: 20/04/2023 Time: 09:44:20 p.m
20 April, 2023 (Thursday) Darsh Amavasya, Vaishakh Amavasya Vaishakh, Krishna Amavasya. Starting: 19/04/2023 Time: 11:23:49 a.m Ending: 19/05/2023 Time: 09:24:28 p.m
17 June, 2023 (Saturday) Ashadha Amavasya, Darsh Amavasya Ashadha, Krishna Amavasya Starting: 17/06/2023 Time: 09:11:30 a m Ending: 18/06/2023 Time: 10:07:41 p.m
17 July, 2023 (Monday) Darsh Amavasya, Shravan Amavasya Shravan, Krishna Amavasya. Starting: 16/07/2023 Time: 10:08:05 p.m Ending: 18/07/2023 Time: 12:01:37 a.m
18 July, 2023 (Tuesday) Darsh Amavasya, Shravan Amavasya Shravan, Krishna Amavasya Starting: 16/07/2023 Time: 10:08:08 p.m Ending: 16/08/2023 Time: 03:07:20 p.m
August 16, 2023 (Wednesday) Adhik Darsh Amavasya Shravan, Krishna Amavasya Starting: 15/08/2023 Time: 12:42:57 p.m Ending: 15/09/2023 Time: 07:08:36 AM
15 September, 2023 (Friday) Darsh Amavasya, Bhadrapada Amavasya, Pidhori Amavasya Bhadrapada, Krishna Amavasya Starting: 14/09/2023 Time: 04:49:06 a.m Ending: 14/10/2023 Time: 11:23:40 p.m
14 October 2023 (Saturday) Ashwini Amavasya, Sarva Pitru Amavasya, Sarva Pitru Darshan Amavasya Ashwina, Krishna Amavasya Starting: 13/10/2023 Time: 09:51:02 p.m Ending: 13/11/2023 Time: 02:55:46 p.m
13 November, 2023 (Monday) Darsh Amavasya, Diwali, Karthika Amavasya, Laxmi Pooja, Kedar Gauri Vrat, Chopra Pooja, Sharda Pooja, Bengal Kali Puja, Diwali Sanan, Diwali Devpuja Kartika, Krishna Amavasya Starting: 12/11/2023 Time: 02:44:55 p.m Ending: 13/12/2023 Time: 05:00:38 AM
12 December, 2023 (Tuesday) Darsh Amavasya, Marg Sheersha Amavasya Marg Sheersha, Krishna Amavasya Starting: 12/12/2023 Time: 06:24:23 AM Ending: 11/01/2024 Time: 05:26:36 p.m

The significance of the Amavasya Tithi and the fasts kept on this day

  • A person is thought to be especially protected from all types of bad luck and the evil eye during the Amavasya 2023 Tithi fast.
  • Also, it is incredibly effective at reducing the impact of any negative factors.
  • It is thought that fasting on Amavasya 2023 is crucial for placating the souls of one's ancestors.
  • If you can on this day, donate food and beverages for your forefathers.
  • Pitra and Amavasya Tithi are the two ideal times to worship. Ancestors are said to return to the soil on this day. In this case, be sure to make meals for them.
  • The Amavasya 2023 fast is also claimed to give all of a person's wishes, according to legend.
  • If the Amavasya fast is observed in accordance with the rites, the negative effects of the Kaal Sarp Dosha that was discovered in the person's horoscope begin to lessen.
  • The new moon day is thought by many scientists to be when Earth's gravity is at its highest. Also, in this case, this day is excellent for fostering metabolic stability.
  • After fasting on this day, a person's body gets noticeably less acidic and feels completely rejuvenated.
  • When someone observes the Amavasya 2023 Tithi fast, their physical and emotional problems start to disappear. These folks also enjoy a sufficient level of riches and happiness in their life.

Guidelines For Fasting During A New Moon

  • During the fast on this day, no food is consumed.
  • On Amavasya Tithi, get up early, say the Gayatri Mantra 108 times, and then give Surya and Tulsi water.
  • Offer Shivling water on this day.
  • Give some rice to the cow.
  • On the peepal tree, place tulsi.
  • Provide rice, sandalwood, black sesame, turmeric, curd, and milk on this day as well. Tie a thread 108 times around the tree and walk around it.
  • Married ladies might further wear bindis, mehndis, bangles, etc. when performing the circumambulation on this day.
  • After that, prepare food for the ancestors spirits of your house and give it to them.
  • Give the underprivileged food, clothing, and treats.
  • Rice should be fed to cows.
  • Make every effort to remain silent on this day.

Every Amavasya 2023 Tithis that take place during the year has a special and important value. Examples include Paush Amavasya, Mauni Amavasya, Hariyali Amavasya, Mahalaya Amavasya, and Somvati Amavasya. To better grasp them, let's find out a few more important facts about them.

Mauni Amavasya 2023: Mauni Amavasya is regarded as having enormous spiritual significance. It takes place between January and February during the month of Magha. Devotees practice fasting and participate in silent worship on this day. A different name for this Amavasya is Magha Amavasya. On this day, known as Mauni Amavasya Snan, it is important to take a holy dip in the Ganges.

Mahalaya Amavasya 2023: Mahalaya Amavasya occurs on the last day of Mahalaya Paksha. Giving and worship are considered to be especially auspicious on this day. Normally, this new moon takes place in September and October. This time period, also known as Pitru Amavasya, is suitable for the ancestors' souls to find rest.

Somvati Amavasya 2023: The most important Amavasya, also known as the Somvati Amavasya, occurs on a Monday. For married women, having children, and fulfilling all dreams, this day is important. On this day, married women observe a fast in the hopes that their husbands will live a long life.

Thai Amavasya 2023: This festival, which is particularly significant in Tamil culture, occurs on the first day of the new moon in the Tamil month of Thai (January–February). Amavasai, a Thai holiday, honours the ancestors. Certain prayers, rituals, and rites are to be carried out on this day for the comfort of the deceased. The main state where this Amavas is observed is Tamil Nadu. On this day, people perform Shradh, take a holy bath, and offer tarpan to their ancestors.

Somvati Amavasya 2023: In Orissa, the Savitri Amavasya event is held on the last day of the dark fortnight that follows the new moon in the Jyeshtha month in 2023. That happens in the months of May and June. On this day, women rise early, take a holy bath, dress in new clothing, don bangles, and apply red colour. Next, nine distinct fruit varieties and nine distinct flower varieties are presented to Goddess Savitri. Women observe fasts from sunrise until dark. They say prayers for their spouse's long life throughout the day and are told the legend of Savitri, who defied death to save her husband Satyavan.

Hariyali Amavasya 2023: Sawan's Amavasya coincides with the Hariyali Amavasya. On this day, the rules guiding the adoration of Lord Shiva and Lady Parvati were made public. Married women worship the goddess Parvati with vermilion on this day. The significance of worshipping the peepal tree on this day has also been emphasized. By keeping a fast on this day, a person will be wealthy and prosperous in their life.

Paush Amavasya 2023: The Amavasya that falls in the month of Paush is known as Paush Amavasya. On this day, it is traditional to do Tarpan of the Ancestors and Shradh. Bad forces are also at their peak on this day. Black magic and other activities are also conducted on this day. Saubhagya Lakshmi Paush month is another name for Paush month. According to texts and Hindu mythology, it is lucky to worship Dhana Lakshmi and Blessed Lakshmi on the eve of Paush Amavasya.

Shanichari Amavasya 2023: Amavasya is often referred to as Shani Amavasya or Shanichari Amavasya on Saturdays. This date is said to be perfect for pacifying Shani Dev and fixing any Shani-related horoscope issues.