The Therapeutic Power Of Gem

    We tend to examine a gem for its clarity, color and carat. Add to that another ‘C' for Cure. The healing power of a jewel, and its effect on the body, mind, heart and soul, is painstakingly charted by astrologers, duly acknowledged by gem dealers, and then reinforced by wearers who think them to be a stepping stone to better health, prosperity and happiness.
  • Ruby: It tends to change its color to symbolize deteriorating health of its wearer or in the presence of poison or when there is a problem approaching the life of the wearer. A ruby has been known since ages as an aid to bad dreams; it also influences the wearer very strongly for good as well as bad. It is associated with divine power, love, dignity, royalty and peace.
  • Blue Sapphire: It changes color if the wearer is unfaithful. A blue sapphire prevents fear, and helps overcome depression. It influences financial matters and is associated with prosperity and wealth.
  • Pearl: A pearl is believed to be useful in curing myopia, breathing disorders, tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, cerebral thrombosis, indigestion, heart diseases and blood pressure. It can be crushed to powder and dissolved in water or wine. Take orally in case of calcium deficiency (especially recommended for pregnant women).
  • Cinnamon Stone: Available in many colors, a cinnamon stone is said to belong to the zircon family. Generally of honey or red color; when colorless, it resembles a diamond. A cinnamon stone protects against enemies and is associated with health and wealth. It is recommended for soldiers. It is believed to cure leprosy and leukemia.
  • Emerald: It is recommended for pregnant women and for travelers as it protects against dangers on land or water. It is to be worn at religious ceremonies. It is believed to cure eye and ear troubles, asthma, hair loss, digestive disorders, hay fever, heart diseases, insomnia, leucoderma, hernia, menstrual disorders, neuralgia, typhoid, and prevent miscarriages.
  • Diamond: It is believed to cure diseases of the bladder and heart, leucoderma and insanity. Its ash can be used for treating tuberculosis, diabetes, anemia and swellings. Dipped in water and wine, it forms an elixir that treats gout, jaundice and apoplexy.