January 1, 2018 Blog

Which House Is Associated With Longevity?


According to astrology the life span of a person or longevity is determined by the 8th house in his/her kundli and the planet responsible for this is Saturn. A person enjoys long life if the planets like Jupiter, Venus or Mercury are in the 8th house. Along with 8th house and the planet Saturn, the placement of Moon also plays an important role in determining the life span. Just like benefic planets, there are malefic planets like Mars, Rahu, Ketu that have negative impact on a person’s longevity, a person may fall victim to any unexpected accident or ill health if these planets are placed in the 8th house, besides this, a troubled 8th house may also lead to shortened life span of a person. However, a combination of these houses, malefic and benefic planets in a person’s horoscope indicates medium duration of longevity.