January 1, 2018 Blog

About Numerology And Its History?


Numerology - "The Number Game" is the much recognized and universal language of numbers, each of us is born with a unique set of numbers significant to us. These numbers are the key to the doors of our personality and thus, reveal the way we behave, interact and communicate with others while telling us about the challenges that we’ll face in our lives. Pythagorian system known as the western form of Numerology is considered to be among the most popular and enduring of all self-help processes and methods ever created. Japanese, Chinese, Egyptians etc., are trying to imply number systems to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of themselves and the universe.

Discovered by the mathematician and Greek philosopher Pythagoras, Pythagorian Numerology combines the mathematical principles of Arabic, Phoenician, Druid, Egyptian and Essene Sciences. Since then it has formed the spiritual basis for many secret societies and is evolving ever since.

Numerology is gaining much more popularity than before. Today, we can see Numerology columns appearing in magazines, newspapers and online portals on a regular basis. Numerologists are also being consulted with much trust and regularity for issues related to business, career, relationships, money related, etc. The fascination for this ancient spiritual science is growing as the world is becoming more acquainted and computerized and dependent on numerical systems.