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Vastu Tips for Relationship: Adopt these 10 astrology remedies for better compatibility


You must have seen a husband and wife fight or witnessed a disagreement between family members. Brother and sister don't get along. This often happens due to differences in views and sometimes Vastu Dosh is the cause.

Quarrels are not uncommon between husband and wife. Often these disputes are the result of differences in views, sometimes they are caused by Vastu dosh. Your relationship with Vastu Dosh is affected.

You must have seen a husband and wife fight or witnessed a family fight. Brother and sister don't get along. This often happens due to different views and sometimes the reason is Vastu Dosh. Vastu Dosh affects your relationship. It makes relationships go bad. Today we are going to tell you some simple astrology remedies. By adopting these tips, you can make your relationships enjoyable. Let's get to know the tips.

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Astrology remedies for a Better relationship:

  • If you're married, don't live in a room with a southeast view. It is detrimental to your relationship. If you live in such a room, your relationship will be strained.

  • Use light colors in your bedroom. Don't clutter your room with unnecessary things. If you don't follow this, there will be an increase in negative energy among the people living in the room.

  • The couple should hang a photo of themselves in the southwest direction of their room. Place a couple of rhinestone balls in a corner of your bedroom. Doing so will make the relationship sweet.

  • The boss room should face southwest. Living in such a room maintains good relationships.

  • The bed you sleep on should be made of wood and square in shape. Make sure to head south and legs north as you sleep. This position is considered good for the relationship. Poorly designed beds create stress.

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  • If you have a mirror in your room in which the face of the husband and wife can be seen while sleeping, then this is not suitable for your relationship. It must remain covered. You should follow these astrology remedies.

  • The spouse must keep the decorative elements in their bedroom in pairs. Don't have a TV or a computer in your bedroom. It is not compatible with Vastu.

  • Position your bed facing south or southwest. The bed must be in one piece. Do not make a bed by connecting two separate parts.

  • According to Vastu, the wife should sleep on the left side of the husband. This makes the relationship between the spouses good.

  • Do not keep images of gods or goddesses in your bedroom, as well as images of deceased people.