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Your feet say a lot about your personality. All of our feet are unique in their own way, but most of the peolpe who believes that your feet can reveal a lot about you and your personality.

There are many different foot shapes, but the most common are the Egyptian, Roman, and Greek shapes.

The Egyptian foot

The Egyptian foot, foot

The Egyptian is the most common of the three and is characterized by having the longest big toe and the next four descending at an angle of 45 degrees. It also usually longer and narrower than other shapes.

Meaning: Those with this foot shape are said to have feet of royalty and their personality shows it. They enjoy being pampered and cared for, and beauty is very important to them.

The Roman foot

the roman foot, foot

The Roman figure consists of the three largest fingers, all of the same height, with the fourth and fifth toe descending.

Meaning: People with this shape are often said to be well balanced and have a well-proportioned body shape. They tend to be open-minded and really enjoy discovering new cultures and new environments.

The Greek Foot

The Greek Foot, foot

In Greek, it is often called Flame Foot or Fire Foot, where the second toe is larger than the big toe.

Meaning: People with this shape are said to be athletic and creative, but have a tendency towards impulsiveness which can lead to stress. They have leadership qualities, but if the tip is narrow at the bottom and much wider at the top, they are said to be very expressive and have dramatic, queen-like features.

Wide or Narrow

Those with wide feet tend to be difficult to sit still and are always active. While those with narrow feet prefer to sit and have no problem in delegating the work.


High arches indicate independent and self-reliant people, while people with low or medium arches are more social and outgoing.

When to Seeking Treatment

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