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With 2021 (one way or another) fast approaching, it's time to predict all the exciting new fashion trends you'll see in 2022. In recent years, the majority of fashion has consisted of comfortable clothing and neutral staples, but for the coming new year, the brands are pushing bold, bright, and extremely tight.

We are used to designing programs to escape from reality, the surreal feeling that inspires our wardrobe; However, during times of confinement, we have relied primarily on clothing for functionality and comfort. With spring 2022 being the first truly personal fashion month, designers have returned to eye-catching pieces that push the boundaries of our daily wear. Many of the upcoming trends are not inherently new, but they are reinventing styles from decades past, such as modern mini skirts and graphic prints, Y2K shoulder bags and jeans, and '70s clogs and hoodies. Put these on. Pieces put together in unexpected ways are what makes 2022 feel like and designers have already started introducing these pieces with their latest collections.

Next year is the time to dress up in sexy clothes! Shop for the blush pink tote that doesn't feel too "wearable" or change the style of your favorite jeans with a matching jacket for a head-to-toe denim look. Of course, we are here to help you to get started with all the fashion trend predictions for 2022 below.

Fashion Trend(2022) Number 1: Canadian TUXEDO Update

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The Canadian tuxedo has always been a long-standing trend (a nod to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake's famous 2001 moment), but it's getting a much-needed update for the New Year. Designers are creating their new versions of denim entirely and celebrities are already choosing it. Last year, we saw featured denim artists from Dua Lipa in a 2000-inspired Blumarine, Emily Ratkowski in a Prada bodice and jeans, and Emma Chamberlain in a dark Louis Vuitton look. For a more traditional Canadian tuxedo look, pair a monochrome jacket and jeans, or wear a jacket or corset with pants or a skirt.

Fashion Trend (2022) Number 2: Stamp Statement

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Next year's "ugly" shoe is in line with the sneaker- and utility-inspired trends of 2022. Not only is the clog no longer just a solid wood shoe, but it is also influenced by the revival of the Crocs as a comfortable and stylish shoe. You're guaranteed to see all the iterations next year, including sporting details, logos, animal prints, and platforms.

Fashion Trend Number(2022) 3: Corset Tops

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Although corsets have been a trend for quite some time, the coveted top is guaranteed to reach the masses and be everywhere next year in all shapes and sizes. For starters, the corset top has dominated the spring 2022 runways, even by such famous designers as Acne Studios, Balmain, and Givenchy. The body belt piece can be casually paired with jeans or unexpectedly over a dress or under a jacket for all your 2022 looks. Stars like Bella Hadid and Normani are already starting to wear this heroic piece.

2022 fashion trend number 4: Bright Handbags

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Bright handbags are very popular in the market. These baguette-style bags are inspired by the elegance and a simple silhouette lends itself to a pop of color. Whether you use neutral tones or color blocks, the pop-up color accessory always works.

2022 fashion trend number 5: Cotton Clothing

This bold, celebrity-approved trend is easy to wear. Recently, catsuits have had some big celebrity moments, including Hailey Bieber's birthday look, Richard Quinn's Cardi B one-piece suit in Paris, Kim Kardashian's pink SNL SNL jumpsuit from Balenciaga, and the LaQuan jumpsuit. Smith from Kylie Jenner to cuddle. If the trend seems daunting, opt for a long-sleeved version and pants or a cape under a jacket or coat. Expect to see these superhero costumes everywhere in 2022, including animal prints, graphic patterns, sporty versions, evening lace, laces, and cutouts.

Fashion Trend 2022 Number 6: Cylindrical Bags

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This original bag shape is an anti-bucket bag and designers love it. Jil Sander, Hermes, and Emporio Armani sent their rolling bags down the runways in spring 2022, and we're here for that. This fun and stylish look is on our list of next year's must-have bags and it should be yours too.

Fashion trend 2022 number 7. Gladiator sandals

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We know 2008 was the year of the gladiator sandals, but we're here to tell you that 2022 could be the second (or twelfth) to arrive for neoclassical lace-up shoes. The runway resurgence was undeniable thanks to a host of designer co-branding from Altuzarra, Valentino, Alberta Ferretti, Paco Rabanne, and Prabal Gurung with high-end iterations like buttons, over-the-knee silhouettes, sports wetsuits, and platforms.

Fashion trend number 2022. 8: Graphic printing MOD

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Graphic prints are trending in many ways in 2021, from checkerboard prints to retro floral and artistic motifs. For 2022, we are seeing the impact of the modern era by bringing colorful geometric prints to the fore. These '60s-inspired styles are complemented by other emerging fashion trends, such as micro skirts, knee-high boots, and shrunken polo shirts. Update these vintage prints by dressing them in a modern or classic silhouette with a cardigan or shift dress.

Fashion trend 2022 number 9: Chandelier Earrings

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These faux dangle earrings are sure to bring drama and this is the type you want to get involved in. Whether crystal, shell, or chain, chandelier earrings are on the rise in many versions for 2022. Luxury brands such as Alessandra Rich, Krizia, and Alexander Fother (to name a few) offer new and elegant versions of these OTT jewels.

Fashion trend 2022 number 10: Micro Skirts

Micro Skirts, fashion trends 2022

Another trend in 2022 heavily influenced by the model's subculture is the miniskirt. This trend is the love child of the 60s and early years, depending on your design options. Stylists were seen taking it both ways with Dior totally crazy about Twiggy and Miu Miu picking up the grooming vibes in the early 2000s. Either way, get your wardrobe ready after the pandemic to have a little moment to hold the legs.

Fashion trend 2022 number 11: Hats

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Although we are seeing an onslaught of hijab style during 2021, according to the spring 2022 runways, this trend will definitely accompany us into the new year and it will be bigger than ever. The different versions to look out for are classic scarves, delicate crochet, vintage-inspired silks, and crystal-embellished scarves.