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Most to least emotionally unavailable Zodiac signs


Most to least emotionally unavailable Zodiac signs

Holding onto our feelings is a difficult task for many people. Some may just cry behind a closed door, while others may tell the whole house about their breakup. As in all other aspects of life, emotional availability also depends on your zodiac sign. Below are the zodiac signs from highest to lowest emotional distance.
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Virgo tops the table for being absent. However, this does not mean that they do not know how to love. It can come off cold and generally preserved. They have a hard time opening up to someone and showing their weaknesses. Sometimes her partner may feel neglected because of this characteristic.


Capricorns are happy to be alone all the time. Therefore, it seems that they are emotionally unavailable to their partners. They enjoy their alone time and don't need anyone to complete it, which makes their partner feel distant.


If you've ever seen someone make sarcastic jokes about their feelings and cover them up with sarcasm, they are probably a Gemini. Gemini can't stand when someone is cheating or playing with their feelings. They are afraid of rejection, so they hide their true feelings. This, in turn, makes them emotionally distant.


Aquarius has a huge wall built around it to protect itself from getting hurt. They need time and effort to open their hearts to you, which is very loving and caring. However, this behavior makes them distant and emotionally unavailable at the beginning of the relationship.


While concentrating and participating in work, Aries sometimes forgets to give time to her loved ones. They are very ambitious and will work until the last day, which makes them emotionally unavailable.


Leo's emotions depend on his partners. They don't like being the ones to go the extra mile, which makes them a bit emotionally distant.


Their worst fear is appearing as a clingy companion. Libras like to take it easy so they don't present themselves as needy.


There is a preconceived notion about Scorpios that they only like physical intimacy, and that is wrong. They are looking for someone to connect with on a deeper emotional level. However, they may not open if they don't feel connected.


Sagittarius guards his hearts like a treasure. They can't just relate to anyone. They are afraid of committing to the wrong person. If your Sagittarius partner won't open up, you may not be the right person for him.


Pisces are known for their clingy nature. They need the attention and support of their partners constantly, which makes them one of the least emotionally distant signs.


Taurus wear their heart on their sleeve; They love their partners and always find ways to express it. They believe that relationships are only healthy when they are both open about their feelings, which makes them emotionally available.


If you see someone who is not to blame but who is still crying, they may have cancer. Empathy and sensitivity run through his blood. They have no problem expressing their heart, which makes them the most emotionally available sign.